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Secret Santa 2015 for jwalraven by Quachir Secret Santa 2015 for jwalraven by Quachir
So the secrets out and for this year's Secret Santa I got jwalraven AKA :iconjwalsshop:
It's always fun to get somebody that you've been following no matter the length of time.

As per usual I couldn't decide between the four characters suggested... and for some reason they ended up singing in my mind. I blame Solstice for prompting a "sing-a-long"/caroling group between (left to right in the middle ground) Shio, Toadstool Treasure, and Argent (Solstice obviously took to conducting them with a candy cane).

This year I went back to something I haven't done since my first Secret Santa at Lilymud, though it was a Secret Santa in July. I tried embossing snowflakes that I made on the background. I however couldn't remember how I originally did back nearly 10 years ago and so did a slightly modified version of it with some help from some online tutorials I googled. I also tried for the first time showing MLP magic with Toadstool Treasure using it on the song book and also showing the glow from it on all three singers. for a first time I don't think it's too bad but it's something to work on when I have the time.

As always I had fun with this. and I hope you liked it jwalraven

Characters © :iconjwalsshop:
Image by me
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December 26, 2015
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