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Secret Santa 2011 - SailorHarmony2000 by Quachir Secret Santa 2011 - SailorHarmony2000 by Quachir
Did the Lilymud Secret Santa again this year, this was the 10th anniversary of this Secret Santa event (I doubt there's many others that can say the same).

This year I got :iconsailorharmony2000: which I thought was great because I've been watching her art for a few years now and thought it would be lots of fun.

Taking a look at the characters her character Harmony caught my eye immediately as winged creatures usually do when I need to do art for people and I'm given a choice; always love doing feathery wings (thank you to my favorite Gargoyle clan and their genetics of having feathered wings so I drew them so often long ago and still do in some of my characters :D ). So I was grinning from ear to ear when I read the note that Harmony seems to be neglected when it comes to what people draw for her and that she'd really like Harmony if I could do it.

I also liked the other four characters given to do and did some research to figure out where they fit with Harmony as I'd seen very few uploads of her and the others here on DA. Found she didn't seem to be in a story line with the quartet so I some how decided to make Harmony the adult of the group and the other four cubs.

Basically what I have happening here could be seen as the artist looking over her creations while enjoying the snowfall. I'm sure others could see it other ways but this is how it felt as I drew it.

I was done with it and then at the last minute thought that it needed some words and the song popped into my head (may have been because I'd watched Muppet Family Christmas at least once by that time if not twice)

And I was right, I had fun doing this. Hope you liked it Harmony, and hope you're having a great Christmas!

Harmony, Jabari, Juba, Janelle, and Leonda are all :iconsailorharmony2000:
Image is :iconquachir: AKA me

P.S. the original size of this image was 2991X2253... yeah, huge! So be careful of that download button. :D
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December 24, 2011
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