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Secret Santa 2010 - Koorii by Quachir Secret Santa 2010 - Koorii by Quachir
Another Year and another Secret Santa. This year I got Koorii AKA :iconkoorii: . This year also ended up being the year that I ended up getting too busy near the due date to turn in things and had to drop out. However with talking to :icontimitu: who has run and organized this "little" thing since the beginning 9 years ago I informed her that I did have a sketch and if it would be possible for one of the participants who agreed to do extras if they could maybe ink and color my sketch. Timitu put Auntie Chaos AKA :iconchaos55: to work on this, using it as a learning experience in coloring.

So I'd like to say Thanks to Auntie Chaos for doing such a great job on inking and coloring what I sketched out, the shadowing looks better than I can do most of the time and gives it the depth I'd hoped to do myself if work and school hadn't gotten to complicated so near to the end of the semester.

As for the picture itself, the characters here are three of Koorii's TLK OCs. On the over hanging rock is Hidaya, hiding in a dug out area of snow is Kibibi waiting to ambush the amazed Kafil. For info on these characters check out Koorii's account here on DA or on TLKFAA.

I did have quite a bit of fun sketching this out in my sketchbook, some of my favorite parts being the icicles and Kibibi's fast twitching tail in her wait to pounce her best friend (any cat owner knows that look pretty well if they've watched their cat about to take off after something it has been stalking).

Sketch me :iconquachir:
Ink and Color by Auntie Chaos :iconchaos55:
Characters Koorii :iconkoorii:
Koorii Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for this. You managed to capture the characters wonderfully. I love it. <3
Quachir Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010
I always hope that I do that. Made sure I was clear on how in general each acted :D They were so fun to draw this way. As I said before, very glad that Timitu was able to get it to Auntie Chaos to do, Timitu was actually teaching her how to work with pictures in general so it was great learning tool to be had :)
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December 25, 2010
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