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SS 2008 Snow and Destiny by Quachir SS 2008 Snow and Destiny by Quachir
Once again I took part in the Lilymud's Secret Santa art exchange. This year I got :iconlightliger:

What with me going to a new computer I went back to snow with the brushes already provided in Adobe Photoshop to make the falling snow.

I decided on doing LightLiger's Destiny when give the choice between the three characters. I'm not sure I got any of Destiny's character in the picture but then again I think this is a more cub-ish version of the character as I was swayed by the cubish look of the character in the reference given.

What really called to me to do this character for LightLiger was the fact that he had wings. And in particular one wing that was feathered and the other more bat like. I always love going back to my roots of drawing wings back when I was drawing regularly my gargoyle characters based off of Disney's gargoyles.

This picture is a actually a second try at drawing Destiny. The first was an attempt at making him looking like he was launching off a sharp peak into the air however the form didn't seem quite right in many areas. In the end this little vision came to my head and I deeply love it... but I'm bias I believe.

I hope it was well like as I have still not hear any word on it.

Destiny © :iconlightliger:
Image © :iconquachir:
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January 12, 2009
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