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Ray's in Trouble by Quachir Ray's in Trouble by Quachir
OK, managed to do something before heading for my home town for the week, however I don't have internet access at my current apartment so I had to stick this on a memory stick and bring it along to upload at my parents' place.

Anyway, I'll be reuploading this later as I realized I had one of the layers down which was my attempt at making a fire glow on Stormelle.

So this is a little sketch I did earlier this year with a bunch of other related, what I call, "Lionized" Hogwarts sketches.

These two are not my own characters but my friend :iconstormelle:'s They are Stormelle (without the wings she has in her quadropedial form) and Ray.

Stormelle is obvoisuly a Hufflepuff (THEY ROCK!) and Ray is a Gryffindor. Not really sure if they're going out by this time but something obviously got Stormie urked at what ever Ray and said or done.

I love this little thing, thus why I had to do it. So gift to :iconstormelle:! :D

Characters :iconstormelle:
Image :iconquachir:

Edit> Should be the updated version now.
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May 15, 2007
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