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Pictorial Space Project by Quachir Pictorial Space Project by Quachir
OK once again, none of the images in here are mine, they belong to the people who photographed them and National Geographic.

For this piece in my art class we were required to take images from from magazines and stick them together to create the illusion that they belonged together as well as created depth.

I went out and bought the latest National Geographic from the store I worked and as I knew there had to be something(s) in there that I could work with.

I ended up finding the perfect things to use here and as I actually have the magazine with me I will tell you where aproximently to find each picture I used.

Note all of these can be found in the February 2008 edition of National Geographic:

The background/sky.
This was two pages taken from the artical "Mexico's Other Boarder" The exact pages are p62 and 63. There is a river in it that is covered up by the other three clippings.

The Middle ground.
This was from the artical "Black Pharaohs" (p.50). Interesting thing about this part was that the sky that was shown in the picture was a dusk/twilight/night sky with a few stars to be seen in it.

Actual humor in this funny part, my roommate started reading the artical and was irked when she found two of the pages missing. When I showed her this later she thought that the old structures actually belonged with the background and read the little thing in the upper right hand corner saying it was Mexico. I luckily still had the other half of the full picture and showed her where it matched up. See that is from the left side of the page, I only movied to the right side of the page because it was more interesting than the stuff on the right.

The Foreground (AKA the birds).
These birds are Philippine Eagles, according to the artical ("Lord of the Forest") on them they're an endangered species the large front bird is from the first page of the artical (p.81) while the one sitting on the branch is from p.89

Once again:

The images in this collage are © to their Photographers and National Geographic

I merely put them together in this new look to complete the project assigned... and later because it just looked so cool like they were meant to be together even though they are all very far apart (Mexico, Egypt, and the Phillippines)
lethe-gray Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
The pillars totally go with the sky lol that's awesome :)
Quachir Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2008
I almost forgot, a friend of mine in the class thought the birds looked like some puppets from Jim Hanson' Laberianth, the orange and pink muppets that take their body parts off and put them on others and or in different places on their bodies. Makes one wonder if Jim got the idea from these eagles.
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