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OC MEME - Pannel 7 of 20 by Quachir OC MEME - Pannel 7 of 20 by Quachir
Finally got my new Photoshop up and running as well as my tablet running again (computer break down equals have to put on new driver for it). So anyway, it's been so long since I've been able to use my tablet and plus uploading Adobe Photoshop CS5 to my computer has caused me to need to relearn some things. Thus I decided to do my next panel in the OC Meme.


Because right now it looks like I haven't done anything in so long I'm going to try and put up this response the OC Meme created by :iconmisuteru: long ago. Because the Meme has so many parts to it (18 question not including the panel of the 10 characters and the final panel asking a person to tag people to complete it too.) I've clipped each part to make it easier for people to see

Anyway this one's of the seventh panel. I will try to link each page as I finish them up and upload them so people might not get too lost. Going to put a cheat sheet on each upload so people remember who's what number.

1) Regulus (a Lion King type OC)
2) Quachir Pendragon (a American Dragon: Jake Long OC)
3) Ishino Rai (written with the Sire name first, he is a Naruto OC)
4) Singe (another Lion King type OC)
5) Solar (again another Lion King type OC)
6) Inu Shinzo (written with the Sire name first, she is another Naruto OC)
7) Pleiades (a Disney's Gargoyles OC)
8) Hari-kun (a Naruto OC)
9) Medea (yet another Lion King type OC)
10) Ryu Shinzo (another American Dragon: Jake Long OC)

First Panel: [link]
Second Panel: [link]
Third Panel: [link]
Fourth Panel: [link]
Fifth Panel: [link]
Sixth Panel: [link]
Seven Panel: YOU ARE HERE
All other panels in process (hopefully) of being "inked" and colored.

The original blank OC Meme can be found at this [link]
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August 7, 2011
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