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Nightmare Night Costumes by Quachir Nightmare Night Costumes by Quachir
I've been sitting on the original sketch of this picture since I drew it last year just before Halloween. I wanted to scan and color it for last year but didn't have the time for some reason. On the good side I was able to edit some of the looks slightly.

So these are three of my MLP FiM OCs. They are all named after runners/horse I had back in my Pern adoption days. Thunderous Lady decided to be a merfilly princess (thus the wings that are slightly off her pelt color), her twin brother, Firestorm, wanted to be a pirate prince, and the little pumpkin is their little sister Stormy Comet.

I was trying to go for the twins being a bit older the the CMCs while they're little sister is younger than the CMCs (probably equal to a 3-5 year old). This was just a fun picture to make when I first sketched it, I'm pretty sure I just wanted to draw a very young pony and threw her in a pumpkin costume. Felt like she needed her big brother and sister whom she looks up to quite a lot. So many layers were used in this since I wanted to at the very least have the ability to make Stormy Comet into an icon possibly at a later date and decided to do the same for the other two, Firestorm being the more difficult of the others because his back half was never fully sketched out because his baby sister was in front of him/drawn first.
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October 29, 2015
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