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Merry Christmas 2005 by Quachir Merry Christmas 2005 by Quachir
Merry Christmas Everyone! (like the picture already said)

I wanted to do a picture with two of my paired up characters under a misltoe and since I had as of yet to do a colored version of my newest adopted chracter Sakura, she and her mate, Pollux (also an adopted character), became the victems... er models used in the picture.

Was alittle less lazy here in that I made the lines colored anyting but black but was lazy with the background in coming up with a red and green theme for the holidays.

I realize that at least Sakura's tail is way too long to be natural in this picture but there was no other way to have the misltoe hanging there to invite Pollux in for a kiss.

Speaking of misltoe, you ever notice that people mistake holly for misltoe? Misltoe has whitish berries, not red ones and from the pictures I pulled off the net the leaves aren't even like those found on holly.

Anyway, this was my sort of Chirstmas card to those who had me faved and or I had faved on TLKFAA.

Sakura and Pollux me
Sakura's pelt pattern was originally created by KaLEi before being adopted by me
Pollux was originally created by
NobleDreamhome Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006
Awww! I love the expression on the female lion's face.
Quachir Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2006
Thanks, took me a bit to get that part of Sakura's expression to what I liked and make it look somewhat like Pollux's tongue was "digging in" and moving her cheek a bit I even clipped the kiss and made it my icon on for a few weeks during the holidays. Now it's been changed to one of my other mated pairs in a tender moment. ;P
KelpGull Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
That's very cute :D Nice job!
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