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Medea - refrence chart by Quachir Medea - refrence chart by Quachir
This a sort of Character sheet/Color Chart for one of my beloved characters Medea. I love this young lioness! the reason I say young is that she's still about six months to a year shy of being fully mature and able to have her own cubs. I've decided in the last few days that she does have a brother. A twin brother to be exact, I believe his name is going to be Aries... I've been having too much fun drawing him in my classes when I'm done with taking the notes the Prof.s put up or before class.. for a lion her brother's kind of cute too even as a teen. He'll look almost exactly like her except for the fact of having a silver mane when he's older and not having the ear tag or torn ear.

Anyway, I did a sort of close up on Medea's ear tag to show was was written there and also showed what her left ear looks like. I love this former outlander female... and for those following my TLKFAA page as well you'll know I still haven't named the pride(s) yet.... I think I'm coming close though.

Comments... please?
daggerstale Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Neat character design. I like her colors, they're pretty original. And the look on her face, I wouldn't want to mess with her. :yum:

I notice you're at TLKFAA as well. I'm "Griffin" there. Stop by sometime. :)
Quachir Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2005
Cool, I'll deffinatly come have a look! Glad you like Medea, even cranky teen lionesses like her need some love ;P
daggerstale Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed they do. :)
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February 11, 2005
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