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Many Sketches of Shinzo Inu by Quachir Many Sketches of Shinzo Inu by Quachir
If you want a closer look at this thing, click on the download icon. Warning this thing is HUGE (6850x3370) if you look at the full size.

This is basically all of my sketches of Shinzo Inu. There are a few that aren't here because they're in notebooks I don't want to look for at the moment because it would mean looking for old notebooks from at least a year back or more.

Why post all these uncolored (except for one) sketches with a pallet of colors? Because I'd like a picture from one of Santa's Elves :iconsantas-workshop: but since I only have the one colored picture I wanted to give as many references as I could find since I don't have the time in the next three weeks to color a few in to give them colored versions.

If you look around you can see what's changed in my stile for her over the last year. You'll even see a few of her summons as well as her Nin-dog who I still have yet to name. What I couldn't resist putting in without clipping it was the image that you see her with her two teammates Rai and Yogan who I started developing about a month or two ago... I could get the exact date but I really don't feel like flipping through my class notes at the moment.

That's it for now. Have a question about something here go ahead and ask. I'd write about them but that description would take up quite a bit so just ask and I'll answer.

I will say the stuff on the far left was me wondering what her info would look like in another village's "Bingo Book" There was more to it that showed little pictures of her three main summons and her nin-dog but I clipped that out since it was not needed in this part.

To the Elf, I hope this helps you out but doesn't give you a headache.
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December 3, 2008
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