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Maki the Lemur Gargoyle by Quachir Maki the Lemur Gargoyle by Quachir
With :iconmommyspike:'s repsonce to a question I posed for Maki (a Malagasy name for a Ring Tailed Lemur) here in Spikes Q&A session with her fan fic characters.

So to give Mowson a better idea of the female who's very interested in him and despite being from Africa wouldn't mind living "out on the ice" I colored in the sketch I had of her. It's very rough as I colored it in with the computer though I left the original pencil sketch in there to give it a bit more of a "furry" feel.

So as I was coloring her I tried coming up with a back story. Specificly one that would give her some legitament reason to actually know English fairly well and still be from Madagascar. So the thought is something like this:

When Maki was still a very young hatchling her clan was discovered accidently by a female human who was studying lemurs as a biological anthropologist (I'm still a bit new to my major so I'm not sure if I am getting the right area that this anthropologist would be working in). The clan, having been icolated from humans for so long, but knowing the dangers of being discovered kidnapped the human for a short while. In that time the human and the clan came to an agreement that she (the human) would keep their secret for as long as they wished to remain undiscovered and she would be allowed go back to her studies.

It ended up that the clan became close friends with the anthropoligist and she started teaching them bits of English, as she was American (From the Mid-West United States). The hatchlings picked it up very quickly and Maki had a tendancy to be the one who was around the female human every night.

Somewhere in this time line Maki would end up getting seperated from her clan with the anthropoligist who would be trying to flee Madagascar for some reason (angered the locals in some way by accident, probably). Because the two were together the anthropoligist ended up having to smuggle the hatchling back to America as an odd statue.

They would later return to find her clan... but I haven't thought much about it...

Saddly the reason I even have her being brought to America is to give her the love of hockey. Yes, anybody who knows me know that the conversation will all lead to hockey some how if I have a say in it.

Though the dual purpose of bringing her to America is to give her a better feeling for being in icy weather, namely in the Midwest (Minnesota/Wisconsin boarder [Northern regions]) *chuckles* Maybe she's the cause of some unexplained sightings in the north :D

As a note, the earth tones that she's wearing, even in her beads, was to help hide her in the wooded areas both in Madagascar and in the Midwest.

Color pallet up there for refrence at a later date.

And excuse the right wing, I had to edit the original sketch to put that in there. If you look at the scraped original sketch you'll understand why.
ratcabob Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010  Professional General Artist
Interesting design!
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