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Lines Project by Quachir Lines Project by Quachir
Please note that the above was heavily refrenced from a National Geographic magazine. Why? Because it was part of the art project for that week.

This was to try to convey depth through lines without shading or cross hatching.

When I was choosing my subject I was looking through a National Geographic magazine (Late 2007 edition if I remember correctly). I came across a story on a number of different humming bird related species and decided I wanted to do one of them but I could choose which one a the time so I cut out around three or four pages to look over later.

In the end I narrowed it down to two of the birds and ended up deciding first on the bird in the foreground. After I'd sketched him I decided there wasn't enough to be graded on with just the little one there so I added the larger one from another picture in the background and tried to convey that the smaller one may have been flying in front of the larger one.

I was told this may have looked better if I'd used ink rather than pencil. I may yet do that just for myself.

The original images can be found at this [link]

Original photos are © by their photographers and National Geographic - 2007 and beyond

This line work was done by me with only those pictures as ref.
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February 20, 2008
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