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Lilymud Secret Santa 2012 - Aerezura by Quachir Lilymud Secret Santa 2012 - Aerezura by Quachir
Was in the Lilymud Secret Santa this year and this time got :iconaerazura:. As per usual I couldn't decide on which character(s) to draw at first though I was determined to draw the dragons but really would like to draw her lion character as well. This posed a problem as well when trying to figure out what should be going on in the picture.

In truth a picture circulating around Facebook of a bright red cardinal sitting in a tree covered in snow oddly enough gave me the idea for this picture.

What's happening?

Zurry (the big cat in the picture) climbed the tree to try to shake the branch of snow down on Rift (the red wingless dragon) as he walked by. I see Zurry having lost her footing a bit on the branch and alerted Rift to her presence. Rift is pretty much telling her that she won't get him with that snow because he knows she's there.
What Rift doesn't know but Zurry has noticed is that Akeel (the bluish dragon) is far off throwing a snowball with the aid of magic at the much younger dragon.

As usual this was quite a bit of fun trying to get everything done. I actually had it done pretty early but wasn't sure about the snow then did a quick touch up and sent it in about 10 days before it was due.

Love your characters Aerezura, the dragons even gave me a bit of a challenge as it's been a while since I've drawn them regularly and Akeel even more so since you were still working on his official design. As I said, I had fun with this as I always do with the Secret Santa.

Merry Christmas to you and my watchers, Happy Holidays to those who might not celebrate it.
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December 25, 2012
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