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LilyMud Secret Santa 2013 - For Timba by Quachir LilyMud Secret Santa 2013 - For Timba by Quachir
So this year I got Timba to do a Secret Santa picture for. To the say the least I was excited, I've been watching Timba's art for years. Surprising to me I've only ever done one item for Timba and that was a picture of Llare back in 2007 when I was doing my puffballs that I'm pretty sure were inspired by Timba's TimbaPaws (shown in this picture) that caused me to take some random puffball images for many people by request.

Anyway, Timba requested Timba for the Secret Santa gift... and I just couldn't get myself to stop  there, especially with the mentioning of Timba being reincarnated a few times already, and having started out as a lion. The lion part reminded me that a reference for said lion had been posted very recently and for some reason I thought it might be fun to try my hand at drawing something ghostly... then TimbaPaws, let's face it he's adorable and needed to be in the picture. I figured he found some candy canes and Timba caught him trying to hide them for himself... thus the playful paw swipings ;P I also made TimbaPaws lighter than Timba both to make them more distinctive from one another as well as with the thought that TimbaPaws always seems to be the lighter side of Timba ;)

Had the idea for the "chibi"-ish style heads and the tails and bandanas connecting them and my brain said it was  a Timba Reef, thus them becoming one lol

I just have to say... I had so much fun making this, making more characters than asked and trying out new things with those characters. I love trying to do something different and try to do something maybe a bit unique  every year with LilyMud's Secret Santa and I always surprise myself at what ends up happening with each picture.

Hope everyone is having a grand Christmas!

Image was created by me
Characters are (c) :icontimba:
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Timitu Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I am so happy you got Timba too when seeing all this. Timba does have some awesome fun characters so it is nice to see them drawn by a good fan. TimbaPaws is just so darn cute. I love the background, it reminds me of those snowy days when you can still see the blue sky in the distance and it looks sunny in the distance. I love those days. Have not seen it for years of course but this picture brings me back to them. :) Really great idea to have everyone in the picture like that. Awesome job Quachir. :)
Quachir Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
Been having a lot of those days just south of the Canadian boarder in both Minnesota and Wisconsin I think subconsciously that may have been the inspiration for the background. It would be hard for me to think of not seeing some snow during the year, that would stick. Love having four distinct season during a year.
timba Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hahh xD look at that sneaky timbapaw trying to sneak some candy x3

I love how you made christmas create temporal paradoxes with cheetahtimba and ghostliontimba coexist ^^

that wreath does show off many of the aspects of a timba c: the past, the present and the silly dimension x3

thank you :D I was relly impressed when I saw my pic was from you and even more so when I saw the pic x3

we might just have to do a collab somehow and sometime
Quachir Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013
Your very welcome. I guess either there a paradox happening here or Timba's having a slightly out of body experience over TimbaPaws hogging the candy lol

So much fun was had here, just really felt I had to give you more than one character... in the end I guess I did give you one at the same time as multiples lol

So glad you liked it. :glomp:
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December 25, 2013
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