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Lars and the twins by Quachir Lars and the twins by Quachir
Well this is Lars with Kobi and Derick when they're about the equivalant of between 14-16 year old (28-32 in gargoyle years) Proportions are way out of it but the main reason for this drawing was to show a closer up look at the twins and their father. Something that you see on Kobi that her mother Qari is too shy to show off is the bumps on her forhead. Their little brother, Mattimoe has those same bumps as well, if you'd look back at Qari and the kids you may be able to see it. I realize I didn't get their tails in there nor did I forsome reason continue Kobi's wings.

Random extra note: B-day's in about 10 minutes, wish I'd be seeing some of my characters in other people's style of drawing but probalby won't see it. Eh, happy day to me I'm 22 and this weekend there's a series of hockey to go watch for free as I'm a student. How many other schools can say their students can watch their D-I team play for free; and I'm not talking watching them on TV. *has a few hockey chants go through her head*
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October 11, 2004
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