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Keikan by Quachir Keikan by Quachir
This would be Keikan, former Co-second in command of the Timewalker Clan. He's stuborn and very serious about most situations. He rarely shows emotions other than his seemingly cold demeter. Though he rarely shows it, he cares deeply for his clan and would rather he die before one of the members of his clan.

The only gargoyle that has noticably caused him to show more emotions is his future mate Okumen... she only falls apart in front of him when things go wrong, like when they were thrown through time with all the other gargoyles in their clan that were around their age but the rest of their families were left to wander through time without them.

Oh and a note, Kei is green and a very very dark navy blue, not black. Also his name means strong and fierce which is also in his personality
HKSherra Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2004
*sneaks in* Very cool! I love the colors and his expression! *sneaks out*
Quachir Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2004
Yes he's the fun one to draw, always the strong serious type... though I got a sketch of him caught off guard by a histarical/crying Okumen... He looks like he doesn't have a clue what he should do... still need to write that little scene... but then then has to do with the Timewalker Clan History... can we say long story ;)... but good for getting to know the clan and possably good for a prolog to a candidate story. But I think Kei gets his serious look from his mother... she so can't take a joke from her little brother, Kei's uncle... who at this moment I can't remember his name. *looks through the breif write up* Hmm, guess I never named the kid, or I did but I never typed up that part. I do know however that I never drew him... or at least to my likes... hmmm, must stop before I ramble more.... :blahblah:

Oooo! But I just remembered... Keikan's design actually originated from an idea I had for a Digimon... In Digimon form he looks pretty much the same, possably a few different colorations, but minus the loin cloth... course as a Digimon you wouldn't find the same things down in that area that he has as this gargoyle form. As a note, as a Digimon he's known as Gargoymon... I know real original. :eyepopping: :no: :sniff: :boo: :crazy:

:blahblah: See, told ya'! Rambling again! :blahblah:
HKSherra Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2004
Hee hee, rambling but interesting rambling, at least!
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