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It's a Starry Night Somewhere by Quachir It's a Starry Night Somewhere by Quachir
Was going to wait until I finished the meme I've been working to complete all summer (currently only 6 of 20 panels are complete) but I really like it, even if it is very dark.

If you're not seeing the image as more than just a dark picture of nothing then you'll need to up your monitor's setting to possibly the brightest you can also might have to set your contrast to the highest you have as well.

This painting was done a little under a year after last year's [link] at the same event which happens once a month while my university's in regular session (Not during the summer sessions).

Once again I didn't know what to draw. This time I had less time and less colors to work with since I didn't do this until near the end of the event.

The moon sucks but with the type of brushes we were given to use it's no surprise. I did touch it up the best I could with the brushes I had on the table.

This is on a 5"X7" 100% Cotton Canvas (I'm reading it from the back of it), I think it's by a company called Art Alternatives but there mailing address saying Art Supply Enterprises. Media used on it was acrilic paints.

Not much else to say about this other than it's copyrighted to me and do not do anything with it.
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September 26, 2009
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