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Haha, Let's go Stana by Quachir Haha, Let's go Stana by Quachir
Haven't submitted anything colored in a few months so I felt the urge to color something and pulled this one out of my folder of uncolored sketches. I don't color too many of these two, Soksi and Stana, though I do have quite a few of them... I think I even have a few on my TLKFAA account that I for some reason never uploaded here.

Either way I still love this one. Stana has some things wrong with him but I just love Soksi's expression... you don't seem me drawing their mouths open that wide usually because it look terrible most of the time when I look at them.

I can't remember if I was trying to make her laugh or sing for some reason, though I think it works either way.

Tried shadowing again. This was the first time I had to do two different jobs of shading because Stana was too light to do the same shading as Soksi! O.o

Soksi and Stana © to me :iconquachir:
Soksi was designed by RedClaw in a character trade long ago.
SphinxAndSphere Featured By Owner May 28, 2011
First, thanks for the faves (again!) Next, LOVE the colors on these guys! Great expressions, too! :nod:
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December 11, 2008
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