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If you read my journal from over the weekend "POINT ME" you'll know that this past weekend Lord Stanley's Cup, AKA the Stanley Cup, AKA the Hockey Holy Grail, came through my college as two of the players from this year's Stanley Cup winner were on the team had once gone to my college and played hockey there before going onto their pro careers.

During the Festival people were able to line up and get their picture with the Cup. They could touch it or kiss it if they liked. I didn't plan on touching it actually, I just unconsciesly did for the photo.

Tonight I got my pictures back as I had to use a regular disposable camera as my digital's batteries died long before the ceremony started. I then in the past hour or so manipulated the picture so that I could somewhat hide my identity for the time being.

Ever wonder what that charm I have around my real life version of Quachir looks like up close? You can see it emblazen on my chest and shoulders i this picture.

I tried to make the manipulation look a bit like it might have been in the picture as the original picture was a little grainy... I think it worked to a fair extent.

I still can hardly believe I touched the Stanley Cup. Thank god I'm not a hockey player, otherwise I'd know I'd probably never win it in my career if I were to go pro... old superstition of most hockey players.
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Brynne Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010
I. Am. So. Jealous.
Quachir Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010
I count myself lucky to have been around to see it that year. I wait every year for the post season hoping at least one if not more of my university's alum are playing on one or more of the teams. Gives me chills to think about it even now... and I still hold bragging rights over my brother on this one, he's still only got as close to the Cup as looking at it behind a pain of Plexiglas. He's never touched it, he fumed a bit when he found out I did then went back to bad mouthing my university's team since we back different teams that face off at least one weekend (two games) a year depending on the season.
Cavum-Nimbi Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2006
Great manipulation! I think it turned out well. :D I like the shape of the trophy. It reminds me of a wedding cake or the tower of Babel.

What do you mean by real life version of Quachir?

BTW, you're lucky only your batteries died. *sniffle* I killed my digital camera. I got violent with it because the lens kept getting jammed. :innocent: And when it got jammed, it wouldn't move ANYWHERE. So I smashed my palm against it, trying to get it to jack up again so it would move (it was a cheep digital cam), and I accidentally jammed it too hard and it jammed in the OPPOSITE direction so that it wouldn't move period after that. :blush:

So now I have to go to Wal*Mart and get another one (I assume that's where they got it because I saw one there like it and it was a digital cam that I got with my scanner at the highschool graduation party raffle).
Quachir Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2006
I've got two versions of her, the RL version of her has a tatoo on her left shoulder of two crossed hockey sticks and a puck. Around her neck she wears a charm of the logo on my jersey in the picture. She also usually is wearing a red hat backwards which would state on the from of it my college's hockey team and on the back it would have my real name in kanji.

The other version of Quachir looks exactly the same as the RL one except without the tatoo, hat, and neckless/charm. Both versions though are usually seen as quadrapeds rather than anthro. I just wanted to post a picture of mean without people see what I really look like at this time... that and the look I'm giving is very aquard if you were to see my real face.

Funny that you meantion Wal-mart, that's where I got my pictures developed :D

As for digital cameras I'd go for something not so cheep as the one they gave you. Look at something in between the $75 and $100 that way you should be sure that it won't break easily and will be very up to date, probably won't blur when a person's moving and you might be able to take movies as well as pictures... depending on the price you might get sound with the movie.

My digital is pretty much one of my dad's old digitals, he buys all different types and every few years when i get tired of what the digital is doing that he last gave me he'll usually switch it out with a model newer than the one I had but still one of his old models :giggle:
Cavum-Nimbi Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2006
Ah, I didn't realize you had an RL version of her. :D (This is Tai, btw, I keep forgetting to say that each time I post something here. I switched my accounts and still haven't gotten around to telling everyone. I'm so lazy.)

lol! I get my pictures developed there too, great place for that. We also have a Blimpie's in ours. Yummy place. First time I heard of Blimpies was when they put it in Wal*Mart.

Well, surprisingly, it didn't ever blur when I took pictures (except when the focus lens jammed. >.<;) and it did take movies and such, but I can't remember if it had sound or not. I think it did. So, basically, it was an expensive cheap camera. >.<

The other ones I saw at Wal*Mart are in the $300- $700 range, if I remember right. And they're REALLY REALLY good digital cameras. As soon as I get a job, I plan on getting one of the $300 ones. Very nice looking digitals.

Wow, you're lucky, lol. My dad had a film camera that he gave to my younger sister (and she lets me use it, but it doesn't help much since we have umpteen undeveloped cartridges. Some from waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1997, and now they're all 'expired' and say to not develop them past a certain date, lol. But a few of those from that time were still developed a couple years ago. So I know they're still okay. And if the developing studios won't develop them, then I will once I set up my own studio. I took photography in Highschool and like developing my own photos 100% better than having another studio do them, because then you can get the exact exposure tha you want).
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