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Colors N redesign of Ryuutama by Quachir Colors N redesign of Ryuutama by Quachir
This is something I literally did tonight in the course of about an hour maybe hour and a half. It's done with real media for once, to be exact acrilic paints.

This started off as just a little sketch idea one a piece of canvas about 4"X6" at a little event on campus that went for three hours. They do said even once a month on a Friday and have different events each time usually one of the events has to do with painting something or arts and crafts.

So blank canvas... I didn't know what to do with it at first. They had pencils to sketch things out if you had an idea and in the end I decided to draw Shinzo Inu's Ryuu Summon, Ryuutama (named him either near the end of spring or some time this summer). Or at least it looks somewhat like him. I may even change is design to have these two little facial horns on each cheek just because it's interesting. I slapped some color on it, the only colors we had at our table, mixed some to get different shades and such and ended up with this.

You can't see it as well as you could in person but the main coat of "fur" is a silvery navy blue with gold flecks all over. We obviously had gold and silver to work with which I think was what really set me to work on this little dragon.

Anyway, I'm seriously thinking of this being his new design and possibly making these his colors as I haven't given him any color combo yet. I just think this came out really well.

Funny thing is that I usually hate working with paints because it's so hard to correct mistakes if you make them thankfully not many happened with this one.

Ryuutama's copyrighted to me do not use, copy, and or redistribute in any way.
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September 6, 2008
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