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Aisugriff and Blaze-Discovery by Quachir Aisugriff and Blaze-Discovery by Quachir
This is Aisugriff and her gargoyle beast Blaze... yes dull yet obvious name. This is probably the oldest picture I have of these two that I've scanned and colored in, probably around 2001-'02 The only change I've made to this picture is the additive of the starry background and the flash of light below. See in Aisugriff's story line before she hooked up with the Timewalker clan she'd seen Brooklyn, his wife, and two kids appear near the end of Brooklyn's Timedancing... so you know, his family's the one described in the Gargoyle Saga that can be found online.

Thus this picture is showing Aisugriff in around her mid-thirties pointing the Pheniox Flames out to Blaze. I can't remember but if she didn't know about her mother's, aunt's, and ucle's past of being Timewalkers *suddenly remembers the story line* Hmm, seems that she doesn't know until two years after the Timedancers leave that those three in her family were a part of the Timewalker Clan just before Aisugriff was conseved.

Anyway, like a number of young females, she does realize she has a slight crush on Brooklyn but the fact that he's a father, way too old for her, and has Sata as a wife, she is well detered and does not wish to even mildly act on her crush but instead becomes a fairly good friend of the family durring their duration with the Camelot Clan. Yeah, that's the other think I forgot to say, at this time in her life she is a part of the remaining Camelot Clan, however Camelot has not seen any full humans for around three hundred years by this time... the Clan has only seen Merlin every so often... keeps a carefull eye on the clan he does. ;)

Edit: I nearly forgot, because this was one of my first tries with Adobe Photoshop (not sure the version) I wasn't quite used to the layer effect and accidently colored on the wrong layers but didn't realize it until I was finished. I was also stupid in not realizeing if I did things right I could have gone back and recolored... I may redue this someday... but not at this time, no real time with college.
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September 12, 2004
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