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A lick for luck... by Quachir A lick for luck... by Quachir
Sarafina: Nala dear, you have a splotch on your face. *licks her daughter's cheek*
Nala: Mom! I'm only going on a practice hunt with Dad he nor our prey will care if I have it.
Sarfina: It should still be cleaned off.


This is the first time I've ever posted a fan art picture (or my deffintion of it) and I think it turned out fairly well. Here we have a "teen" Nala about to go find her father for one of her lessons in hunting and Sarfina makes a false statement of there being something on her face just to give her a lick/kiss for luck.

Techincly there's six layers in here as I forgot to delet the sketch that's below and hidden by everything. I tried to soften the lines by making a duplicet layer and bluring them slightly. Getting the fur and eye colors right was probably the hardest thing to do. The end results from me looking at an old washcloth that I have that has Nala on it and looking at the first scene you ever see her in and the only seen you ever hear her mother speak in. Bad thing is that I had to do that from watching my TV and convert it to my computer as for some reason it didn't want to play the DVD in anything other than the little upload that's put in every Disney DVD.

Anyway, I couldn't bring myself to shade the duo. As for the background, it was a nice little accident; I was trying to make a rocky ground and use a cloud filter that accidently took up the whole background instead of half of it... plus it was in the colors I had up instead of the colors I'd originaly started using... I like mistake backgrounds, they seem like the best at times!

And to conclud, this was done as a trade with

Art work to me
Nala and Sarfina Disney
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May 9, 2005
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