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400th pic on TLKFAA by Quachir 400th pic on TLKFAA by Quachir
Beware the full view, this picture is huge both in pixles and KB. However if you wish to get a better look at the characters and such I would suggest doing so

OK, I had to put this one up here, it's of course not my 400th pic here but it is over at The Lion King Fan Art Archive... or more exact it's my 401st upload there as I deleted one of my works there because it was a dublicate of one in another folder of mine there.

Anyway, here we have all the characters I introduced there thus far 36 differnet lions, one panther, and one bird. Of these two of the lions, the panther, and the bird are being shown in their set color schemes for the first time. I also set this up so that those from the same generation were in the same area/line so there are four generations present here.

Now for the line ups, starting from the top and going from left to right:

Constance and Arthur
Dutchess, Lunar, Pandora, Argos, Kulja, Quachir, Cinc, Solar, Castor, Kibi, Pollux, and Sakura
*this line go by who's head (not nose) is closer to the left* Aries, Fletch, Kirkton, Raven, Kokoro, Rotrer, Zarek, Rei, Jay, Mayah, Soksi, Stana, Medea, Tusco, and Singe
Tinc, Xinir, Orestes, Pheonix, Ignatius, Gryffin, Dragon, and Helia

This was a first time that I've tried to a sort of "Mufasa's Ghost" effect. I think for a first time it came out alright.

I am very proud of this picture, let's just hope I never get it into my head to do so many characters in one pic ever again!
FlightofPassage Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006
This is really cute :D Your characters are skill'd O_o XD

*is annoying*
xscarredonex Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2006
:jawdrop: is all I can say lol. You really out did yourself, they all look amazing! The poses, the expressions, the little cubs at the bottom are so adorable :aww: Awesome job, Quachir :clap:!
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April 15, 2006
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