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So I graduate in Jun and i don't have any money saved up because well the money I do make I usually end up having to use to buy food. but ...for the next 7 months I'm not using any of my money at all and that still wont get me a lot. I'm a full time student doing work study in the library where they only allow me to work 10 hours a week and I get paid 9 dollar an hour if you wanna do the math there it is.

as soon as I graduate me and two of my friends are moving down to California because that where our job industry is (animation and games) that and I have such a horrible experiences when I go back to my parents house, so why would I want to move back in with them or even be around them really. I'm scared that I wont bring enough to the table when it come time to move, so i'm really tying.

I'm saying all this because I'm going to be trying to get as much commissions as possible to help me save up, My YCH seem to do the best so I'm going to be doing some every month sadly they will all be around the $15 - $40 range though I've never had someone pay me $40 before XD wishful thinking. 

-But don't worry for those who cant afford that I will be doing this thing where if you donate at least $1.00 to my Paypal ( ) I will draw you a digital sketch or a character of your choosing! 

I know this isn't a lot but if you have ever wanted a commission from me please think about doing so and I will work with you on prices if need be.  
Thanks if you took the time out of your day to read this and also so sorry for my horrible grammar I'm only good at one thing and that is drawing 
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examples of art work in case someone new is reading 

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mr-dewittt Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Student General Artist
hnng i wish i could help, man
but i have no money
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November 28, 2017


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