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SD Luka Megurine

Luka Megurine from Vocaloid.

Unexpectedly went infront of Len and got the 4th place. What am I talking about? I'm referring to that vocaloid poll i made some time ago. anyway i had a hard time with her, well her outfit is way too complex.. and choosing the right colours is another pain. whatever yeah? gotta work on the next one anyways~

Check out the rest of the gang here: [link]

Luka Megurine, Vocaloid (c) Kei, Yamaha Corp, Crypton Future Media
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I see you like to use the stroke path tool. I do too. But the annoying thing is that the ends are blunt and not sharp. You just can't see the sharpness of the hairtips for example. You should realy take your time and sharpen those ends. Either erase or draw them sharp manualy.
Another thing, even though it's a chibi-character try to make the hands more realistic. I know hands can very difficult to draw but have to keep practicing. You can see that on her left hand you got a bit lazy (sounds harsh, I'm sorry) and just draw 5 short sausages (sounds very harsh, please don't take it personal).

Besides that the picture looks very good. Pose, facial expression, colors and lighting are great!
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She's really cute!!!
hi! I from indonesia, and in this month there is a japanese festival in my school, so may i take this picture and make this as a sticker, please
thanks :)
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sorry, not for selling.
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nice chibi of luka
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So cute, luka is my fav Vocaloid
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reminds me of hinahiku lol
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who was that again? |9
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your are a great drawer! :D
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i'm replying to myself, he he
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