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Life is hard and really painful.
I know, big whoop, shut up and say something we can use Kevin, give us a laugh, but that is all I have tonight, you struggle to make a good life and reality strips any joy you find and leaves you naked and alone and worried about your children. Life is a cruel master that strips the flesh off your bones and feeds it to the dogs and laughs while you suffer. God may be love but reality bites.
  • Listening to: my inner thoughts
  • Reading: my best buddies manuscript
  • Watching: my life pass by
  • Playing: the game of life
  • Drinking: the sorrow of life
It's been a rough couple of days but it feels good to get some recreational art posted. Blessings on all of you fellow deviants.
  • Listening to: ELO
  • Watching: Torchwood
  • Drinking: Longboard Island Lager
a bit distracted today but managing to get some work done. I wish I could paint today.
  • Watching: weeds
  • Drinking: coffee
Long weekend of work due to power outage at home I'm ready to go home.
  • Listening to: David Sylvian
  • Reading: DA posts
  • Drinking: water
Feels so good to have some down time at home
  • Listening to: Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks"
  • Reading: DA posts
  • Drinking: Strong Coffee