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Title is very self explanatory.
I plan on doing some toy designing, and thought I'd make a statement on the matter here.
Not a whole lot else for me to talk about right now, so, uh.... Yeah!
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Short journal, gonna' get straight to the point.
I'm lifting the hiatus on Psychodriver, page 3 (the 2nd go) is on its way, as I type.
Also, expect to see helmets, soon. As in photos. As in tangible. As in sweet, glorious plastic, paint, and metal.
ALSO, I have entered into a partnership with another artist, Puppiosity ( ), for their coloring assistance in this project.
And others also maybe too (we're still discussing some things here and there).

So that's it for an update, everyone.

(Also possibly Mighty No. 9 Art will be happening.)
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So, I've been mulling things over for a while now, and basically abandoned this account due to a myriad of technical issues that I'd been having with my other computers.
In trying fix those, I eventually just said "Screw it, I'm just going to get the upgraded I've been planning on, now that I actually have the money to do so!"
So I did. I got myself a new Samsung computer (not too keen on Windows 8, but I'm willing to tough it out since the issues are mostly avoidable, so far) and a new tablet (a Wacom Intuos - I'm liking it quite a bit!).
I DID however run into one very perplexing issue: None of the tablet drivers are loading in properly.
In all honesty, the tablets will still register, BUT, they aren't understanding pressure like they used to, for some reason.
Truth be told, I kind of enjoy this fact, since it simply gives me a challenge to develop my drawing skill in a new way.
In any event, I'll be doing stuff again, uploading various drawings that I do here and there.
I was in the process of working on a completely different webcomic idea when all these issues happened, so I'll be starting that project again as well (Not Gear Driver, but something shot off and further developed from that idea).
But I'll probably not upload that stuff for some time.
I want to get a comfortable buffer for it before I start uploading pages, since I want it to be a weekly thing and I'm still a tad slow what with my perfectionist habits.
Yeah, that's all.
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My confidence in my work has thus dropped tremendously....! ; u ;
Oh well... Homestuck had a terrible start, and look how THAT did.
Granted, Homestuck kind of aspired towards mediocrity as its method of success, so....

Anyways, my little art stream will be... Soon, but I have to finish something else first.
Hopefully, such won't take too long - a request of my mother's.


I ALMOST forgot.
For whenever I DO start my stream, here's a link:
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That said, I WAS going to have it hosted on WordPress, but the thing I need to do to make it work is convoluted and annoying, and I don't feel like bothering with it.
SO, much as I don't want to. I'm going to start a Tumblr for it - someone brought a setup to my attention that is exactly what I was looking for, so I shall be doing that instead.

So yeah. Just need to finish the first literal story panel or two (I have 2 others done, but they really don't have much to them), and it shall BEGIN.

I will also be putting them on here, as backup.
Brace yourselves, for it begins SOON.
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Another rather sudden leap, but I've actually be planning things off-site for this one.

I've mentioned this before, but I'll just go over this one more time for those who don't: I am a rather big fan of the Sentai genre.
Power Rangers/Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Metal Men (the American versions included), and so on.
Hell, Gatchaman was my first anime.
That all said, I was greatly disappointed with the 2 attempts to bring Kamen Rider to the states (and honestly, it should have been a really easy task, but HEY - that's what we get for expecting live action to translate well).
Anyways, I started messing with an idea that could be used to both make a new series, cross over between various languages so it could be distributed and converted by anyone/anywhere (meaning not just US and Japan), go back and touch up on previous Kamen Riders in a somewhat similar vein as Decade, AND bring in several new riders/rider forms/etc.
This in mind, it was mostly for my own satisfaction, as the opportunity to run this by the writers in Japan is next to none.

Then, I had better idea: Rather than make a fanfic thing that will never see the light of day, ever, drop the "Kamen Rider" bit of it and make it a stand alone thing.
And that's where I'm at right now. Still have a lot of planning left to go, mind you, but I think I've got enough down to announce this little project.
... Well, actually, its not going to be all that little, but you get the idea.
My top two concerns right now are getting a space just for the comic, so I'll be looking into a few contacts of mine to help me with that.
Before that though (but not today), I'll be releasing some character and equipment concept art, as well as some other things that will be going into this.
Hopefully, those who read it will enjoy what it turns into, which brings me to my next little bit. A little bit of spoilers, but oh well.

So, I've been watching stuff from this genre for nearly my entire life. I'm pretty conscious of all the tropes and stigma and all that.
That said, I intend on using those same things to my advantage, and then break a few of them down like a wrecking ball to a skyscraper.
I'll warn all of you now and confirm that, yes, it is completely intentional: I'm going to have the beginning be extremely cliche and to standard.
Be forewarned, it will get much more serious as it goes, but its going to start fairly to the stereotype (save that I hate it when "highschool students" are the stars... GOD, do I hate that in this genre....).
It'll be happy-go-lucky, a bit silly, and such for a good majority of the beginning....
... And then things will start coming into focus.
This is mainly so that readers can get used to and understand all the concepts, grow fond of characters, and so on.
Hopefully, I can execute all that I have planned well and those who read will enjoy it.

That's all I've got so far, but expect to start seeing some art within the next week or two.
And thanks for reading.
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So I've been realizing more and more that I'm in a bit of jam, lately, and the only thing that I can do to amend this is.... Well...
I need work of SOME kind.... And with no reliable form of transportation, I'm stuck with only a few things to do - all of which, I am doing.

So first and foremost, my free time is going into working on a relatively small game project - I'll give more details on that later.

Secondly, I've just ordered some clay and resin mix which I'll be using to make some (hopefully) badass costume pieces.
If all goes well with that, you'll be seeing a working (as in moving) Kamen Rider Ixa helmet (which I noticed is surprisingly easy in concept).
(Keep in mind, though, Rising Form is a whole different story - until I find some magic color-changing shit, that's going to have to be a separate suit that I MIGHT do later.)
What this DOES mean is that once I get the molds completed, I'll be able to make MORE of the pieces, and thus be able to make and send them to other people!
And this is just the first project, mind you - I've been looking into Kamen Rider W too, and will be looking into making the pieces interchangeable.
(But that's later, of course.)

Third, and this is the one most related to here, I'm going to be doing commissions now.
For the record, I'm in no regard expecting much of that - it would be insane for a no-name, mediocre artist to expect too many requests.
That's just not sensible.
But, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place right now, so I don't have many other options....

So, yes, that's where I stand right now.
Uh... I can't think of anything else to add to that either, so...
Guess that's it for me.

Edit: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

... Am retarded.
Okay, SO, price change. The references I was using - recommended by some others - were rather, uh.... Well, not of the same medium (I knew it seemed silly to price stuff like that).

ANYWAYS, going off of this Price chart, now:

Character Sketching = $1.50
Character Linework* = $2
Full Scene Linework = $5
Colored Character* = $5
Full, Colored Scene = $9

[ * A few minor props can go into this one, like 1-2 piece(s) of furniture and such ]

THAT is what I'll be going off of. Sorry about that weird mess I had before.
Again, just send me a message on here, and we can discuss the other details!
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So, I'm here in Florida, going to an Art School in a degree program that I'm realizing more and more each day that I don't REALLY need to take.

And I'm really feeling like I've wasted a bunch of time and money on this - though less than if, say, I'd gone through with the whole thing.

Not to say its the school's fault, by any means.
Its mostly just the fact that there's not much in it for me under this degree. At all.

Game Art is kind of a silly thing to have a degree for, considering I don't need it to make games.

If I was in an engineering or medical program, I'd see a greater need for it, but.... As far as this goes, I REALLY don't need it.

Hell, look at all the "Indie Devs" (and that's in quotes because a lot of them are a mockery to what that means) that have made games from home.

And how many more people are getting into the same thing. FROM HOME.

Not to mention it turns out that I've got a better chance of getting a hired job by hanging around the stream when a dev comes by than I do after graduating this hipster-infested institute.

Eh, I dunno. Guess I'll see what I can do. I'll probably end up leaving the place and working at home.

Hell, maybe I'll actually get some good work done on my own game project for a change. Boy, that'd be something....
Still need a programmer, though...
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I've been hanging around this "Niconico" place the past few days.
Been kinda' cool, lots of interesting things to stick around for, and its a good way to network and meet friends and all that.

However, I made the mistake of clicking SOMETHING and wandered around the japanese (original) site for a while.

Lots more stuff there. I can't understand most of it.
I get this strange compulsion to check out channels in the dim hope that they might speak a tiny bit of english so that I can catch bits and pieces.
And then I feel like commenting... I don't know why, but I keep doing it.
And I keep getting the nagging feeling they might be asking me something afterwards, when its only me that's commented.
And then the spaghetti begins to flow.

Long story short, I need to stop going to the place until I can get a general idea of what the hell is going on.