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Man and lipstick and cigarette

Hey hey, people. You know what? I didn't die out there. Just visiting my home now for a few days and though I should upload something while I have the chance.

This one ... I like it a lot, not because it's a tecnical masterpiece but .. I don't know. I think it's his face. I'm not sure what to make of it. I put it on my wall and everytime I looked at it he looked different. Sometimes smiling, sometimes miserable, sometimes he just looked like an asshole. Now, I'm not going to go all analytic on you here.

Except for the smoke, it's all in ink

And wow, I was just able to squeeze in the title.
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Oh, när jag tryckte upp bilden och såg hans ansikte, så fick jag så många frågor i mitt huvud. "Vad badass han ser ut. Är det läppstift? Vad tänker han? Men han är ju ledsen? Eller, han ser ut att planera något stort" osv osv. Sen läste jag att du tänkte unfär samma sak!

Oavsett vad, så gillar jag denna oerhört mycket! Den har ju så få färger, men så mycket liv i sig. Jag menar, kolla på alla dessa skuggor och texturer!
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Haha, gud vad kul! xD Great minds think alike ...

Och tack så mycket, alltid trevligt att höra det. Jag hade lite referenser till kostymen och så ... vilket ju alltid är att rekommendera. c:
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That's glamour! :XD:
I really like it. The contrast of the rudeness of him (big hands, big arms, rude expression) and those red lips...
I could imagine some stories about that...
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Ah, thanks a lot. I can't help but wonder about him myself, everytime I look at this. Glad someone else thinks the same. C:
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there are characters that speak by themselves, even if we sometimes don't understand at all what are they saying xD
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So true! Sometimes I learn new things all thanks to my characters. xD
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He looks pissed.
Good work.
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Yes, that too. xD
Thanks a lot.
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I'm glad you're still alive.
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So am I, so am I ...
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Trevligt att du tycker så. C:
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this is way fucking awesome
Qlockwork's avatar
Thanks a lot. C:
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Reminds me of Jack Nicholson's portrayal of the Joker a bit.
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Ah .. I've never seen the whole movie (sadly), but I've seen some shots or clips and .. well, I'll take this as a compliment.
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