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Qissus commission 5 by Qissus

Hey folks! A lot of you have been asking when I’ll open up my commissions again. As promised, I decided to open it up in January :) 

I’ll usually have my slots open for as long as I can until I decide to close it again. You can e-mail me at if you’re interested! Please give me details of your characters in the mail so I can give a quotation!

Announcing the creation of a new printed illustration zine featuring the tragic relationships of star-crossed lovers. This book includes couples from a wide variety of source material and backgrounds to explore the ideas behind these tragedies thematically and visually. They are a fantastic bunch of artists and I will be taking part in it too! Please show your support and make this zine happen!

The artists are:

alrightlucre | karynslee | thesotu | mohtz | elemei | yumbles | caitlynkurilich | mimiadraws | thedrawingduke | jovaline | nim-lock | cakesmashing | sarakipin | perplexingly | art-creature | anaismarmonier | janetsungart | joananevesart | harteus | emirriart | alexis-page | tianaoreglia | hannalefcourt | qissus | ikkoros

This will be a printed zine funded through Kickstarter May 26 - June 24, so keep an eye out for the link to help us get funded!

Until then, follow us to keep updated and learn more about the project!

Hi guys! I've opened up an online store so do check it out if you're interested! Qissus' Society6
Help an artist out! (: