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Sword And Sworcery EP : The Scythian

The Sworcery A/V jam is back! Here's the other painting I did!

Big news! Superbrothers : Sword and Sworcery EP is now available in Japan as スキタイのムスメ:音響的冒剣劇 (Sukitai no musume: Onkyouteki boukengeki).

We got Suda51 (Goichi Suda) of Killer 7 / No More Heroes / Lolipop Chainsaw fame to voice one of the characters :D

Along with this release we got some brand new remixes by big names in the japanese gaming industry:

  • Baiyon (Pixeljunk 4am + Eden)

  • Michiru Yamane (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and like 50 other rad games )

  • Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill 1/2/3, and many more)

  • Hirokazu Tanaka (Metroid, Earthbound and pretty much all great NES titles)

  • Mitsuto Suzuki (whole bunch of work on Square stuff)

  • Macotom3 (super talented and rad indie dude!!)

Get the remixes here! *click*

I just wanted to add one more thing :
Check out this amazing remix of Sworcery's "The Cloud" by our Audio Director at Capy! So awesome : The Cloud (Remix) by Sean Lorish.
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I love the angle camera ! Great job !
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Reminds me on an old Magic The Gathering-Card, but I don't know the name of it...anyway, beautifull work.
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just what I imagined her to look like non-pixeled! *___*
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The Scythian: "Because we are super awesome"
Yes, you are. I love S&S :). This game has taken pixel art to a whole new level :meow:
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I love this game so much! I like the take you took on her :)
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awesome! nice perspective :)
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pure awesomeness . love it
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Thanks! Glad you like it! ^ - ^) Did you already move to Toronto? If so, how are you enjoying it?
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Yes!!. Living here almost 4 months! ;D . And i hve to say that i love it! .. ( At least before winter comes ;) )
Man, we have to meet one of these days!
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Yeah man! Absolutely. There's a group of people who enjoy drinking and drawing, we usually get together on Thursdays, we might do one before the end of the year. I'll note if we decide to do something soon!
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Oh!. That sounds great!. Beer and drawing.. You nailed it! ;) keep in touch!
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awesome composition and perspective
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Thanks a lot! :D
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nice perspective
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This is too cool. :)
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