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Sword And Sworcery EP: Depths of Mingi Taw

Hey folks! Some of the artists at Capybara Games have done some Fan Art of "Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP" [link] in light of its PC (and Mac very soon) release on Steam [link] .

Superbrothers and Capy have also set up a tumblr featuring some Artwork from different artists (Like "Adventure Time"'s Pendleton Ward!)
Click here to follow the Tumblr and submit your own fan art!!

Here's my contribution! A little on the risky and macabre side! (You'll notice it's cropped on the Tumblr, that's just to be kid friendly.)

Follow the tumblr for more awesome art from other Capy artists! And get the game!
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I need to buy a giant print of this
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Thats so Beautiful...
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i looove it... that game is creepy, so is this..perfect
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Wow, amazing. This might be my favorite image I've seen on DA in weeks.
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A bit more sexually charged than the game itself but such a beautifully-rendered drawing!
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I'm so glad to see some fanart of this game..! This is so lovely!
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I absolutely love this with a passion
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Pretty much sums up deviantart as a whole, doesn't it?
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This is beautiful! Omg! I really like this ♥
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This is stunning, such a beautiful rendition of both of them! Though the deathless Spectre scares the life outta me and I dunno why ;A;
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Brilliant game. It had me hooked right away and this is by far the best fanart of it that I've seen.

Really cool graphic design element on the side with the Trigon and rays of light!
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fantastic piece- Really inspirational
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this would make a wicked tattoo.
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Well, my faith in rule #34 of the internet has been renewed...
That aside, I love this, it's very well executed.
I hope you won't object to my uploading it to's rule34 collection, I'll be sure to tag you as the artist and link back to here as the source.
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Haha I guess it's too late for me to request for you not to put it up on that site as it's not meant to be a rule34 pic by any means although I don't really mind.
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Friggin' Mingi Taw...gets all the friggin' chicks wit dat skullhead of his, grumble grumble....
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love that game and that picture
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Thank you! ^_^)
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amazing man so dope
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Thanks! I appreciate it :D
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Dang, I found this piece a while ago, but I never found the artist, until now! This has been my desktop wallpaper for quite sometime because I absolutely adore this game, and this piece~ u//w//u
I love it too much! ; u ;
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Thank you very much! I'm really glad you like it :)
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