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Welp. Haven't done one of these in a while.

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OatlyToad's avatar
I find it incredible that you could draw clothing laying on the floor so well xD
Eck-Hi's avatar
The colors remind me of Adventure Time.
Babbolicious's avatar
Interesting choice of colors, like candy definitely a nerds top wet diluted fantasy dream right here lol...
infinity003's avatar
I must tell you that your work is gorgeous! :iconkawaiicrazyplz:
And I love your icon too
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theCHAMBA's avatar
the body language, I love it.
Monele's avatar
Interesting topic
juicyindaskull's avatar
Woah so cool :D Loving the lines! Have any tips on practicing lines? Did you do quick strokes? I have a problem with that...
Mister-Jackson's avatar
Those lines, too good. Are you doing all this in Photoshop or MangaStudio? 
qiqo's avatar
Neither actually! Haha, I opened up OpenCanvas after a long time and drew this in it. It's similar to Mangastudio but with less features.

Mister-Jackson's avatar
Throw backs, you didn't use 1.1 did you? I never got used to the interface after 4.5 when they wouldn't let me go back to how the old brushes were set up 
qiqo's avatar
I did back in the day. I was a bit sad when they abandoned the network feature on it, but version 2 was my favorite. 3 was great as well. In the latest version (the one I used for this), you can set it up to match your legacy brushes like in version 3 or 4. With some simple tweaking you can get the same results/feel :)

Mister-Jackson's avatar
Found it, I had to double tap the shortcut key to get to it though. Thanks for the heads up though I had almost given up on OC I had been using that to draw in over photoshop for the longest.  Way more comfortable. 
qiqo's avatar
No prob!
Good thing you went back to it, I find Photoshop to be the absolute worst for inking, haha. One more tip, the Sharpen Level under stroke options inside the pen settings is nice to keep lines smooth on large drawings. For this drawing I had kept it around 6 or so. Anything higher and it too feels weird IMO.
Mister-Jackson's avatar
Portalgraphics might get my money now. I couldn't stand the new interface before like an hour ago, thanks sooo much for the tips. It's like I got back together with an old friend
Calaca35's avatar
I'm In love.  😍😍😍
Nomad55's avatar
Very well done :D
Solidival's avatar
love the colours, well done!
DarkerEve's avatar
Beautiful, Cute and really sexy
BryanBaugh's avatar
Nice! The colors are crazy-cool and - very slick work with the anatomy, too. I love the angle you got going on her hip there.
Allyatharii's avatar
Niiiice, these colors are so sweet and mellow to look at O: great work
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she is awesome :beer:
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