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Ho Ho Ho


My last Christmas deviation was a looong time ago! I almost drew a bikini santa girl but I'd just be adding to the 6 million other santa girl pictures out there.

So I drew muscle Santa.

Why is he wearing some sort of armor? Skyrim. That's why. After spending close to 125 hours on that game, I'm seriously starting to think that "Ho Ho Ho" is dragonspeak.

I actually recorded this one so I'll be posting it on you tube once it's done rendering. The entire 1.5 hour doodle.

I hope you've all had a good 2011 and wish you some happy holidays!
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This santa is a totally badass :>
i really like it ^^ is awesome
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Badass Santa with muscle! 
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Yay muscle bound Santa
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santa santa. great.
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Darn keyboard keeps making hilarious typos.
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je savais que tu te mettrais aux muscles aussi un jour :p
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Woah! blast from the past! Hhihi Merci!!
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Looks like Paul Senior from Orange County Choppers
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Oh my god!! Santa from Valhala!!
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Santa just got more
epic in my books
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badass santa wins~ this is the santa the 300 spartans send letters to every year
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Hahaha totally!
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Your Santa > every bikini santa-girl out there. :)
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Haha thanks! :D
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Thank you :)
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like Santa from Sparta?
nice ^_^
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Yup! Thanks!
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no problem)yea!.. cute work!)
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fus ho ho? :3
i just finally got ahold of that game... and yeah... my life... is now gone.
...assuming i had one in the first place... does Sarnta Klaws here summon a dozen Dire Mooses?
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After more thank 2 full weeks of time spent on that game.. I .. I think I'm done. :p
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