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Don't Make A Sound

I decided to draw something else this evening. Here's a quick sketch of Jon Snow and Ghost.
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Reminds me of kiba from Wolf's Rain (:
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thanks! and sorry for the late reply :)
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aw yeaaa
can't wait for Season 2!
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I'm still on the first book, but I adore these two. :D I'm doing a fanart of them myself.
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Haha me too! I'm almost done with it. I can't wait to start book 2.
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slick. and Ghost looks great (and very flffy - he must be being pampered and dining well...ON THE FLESH OF ZOMBIES!) hah!
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Haha thanks!
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Haha thanks!
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I <3 YOU FOR DRAWING GoT fan art
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Fffffffffffffffffffffffffff :D :heart:
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haha Ghost looks like Loonie!
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WOW !!!

That´s amazing job !!!!
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I know it's because I'm reading the Farseer books right now , but it totally made me think of FitzChivalry and Nighteyes!
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Love these guys!! did you read DOD? Sniffs* why martin why??!!!?!??!
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Bleh, inconclusive, no need for tears.
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yeah that melisandre better pull her act together and save his ass he's the real rhollor, we all know it.
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There are a few characters atm that would fit the bill. I believe at the moment Jon's role will be to rehumanize Bran at some point.
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Good theory, I just don't how I would feel about warg Jon.:( Which I feel is how he's going to get up there to where Bran is.
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Hard to say. He seems pretty determined to fight the connection.
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Poor Jon.

Great picture.
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