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Update: Happy New YEaR~!
Thank you everyone for commenting your awesome parts of last year, and best of luck in the coming new year~ Thank you guys for sticking with me still :)

I'll be giving these automatically in a minute. So sorry if you didn't win ;__; ~ I wish i had more to give @__@;;~ thank you guys again~!


update to remind followers who may not have seen this :3~
I'm reading through all the comments and there are a lot of positivity here, yay :D

So....I haven't been here in foreverrr hahaha~ I finally caught dA during the holidays xD~ though I haven't done this in 5 years, let's do this again :lol:

I have a bit of points saved up from the awesome people who donated, and I'm gonna give away some subs :D (thank you guys! throughout all these years @_@;; <3)

I'll be giving out 2 three-month-subscriptions, and 3 one-month subscriptions.
This event is for followers only, as a thank-you lots for sticking with me even though..uh...i've neglected this place so much @_@;;;; (sorry >.<;;; )

:bulletgreen:1. Favourite this journal (cause it saves me time and i can just choose randomly from those numbers)
:bulletgreen:2. be a follower/watcher on dA (please don't follow just for this ;;;>.<;;;;....this is just to thank followers who like my work @_@;;; thank you u.u~)
:bulletgreen:3. Comment something good that happened this year :) (haha alright, that's not a rule, but...this year seemed so bad, let's end it with something more...positive, to welcome the new year~!)

Giveaway ends at 0:00 on January 1st, Pacific Time UTC 08:00
At time, I'll be using a random number generator ( to pick someone out from the favourite numbers (and since those numbers are always changing, it's doubly random! xD;; )

Uh....let's end this with a thing i've been meaning to finish but just haven't gotten around to it for...forever.......and now i want to again after playing the Christmas DLC. My god I love Seven so much hahaha <3 <3. I'm super thankful for the existence of Mystic Messenger.... :heart:

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If I offered 150 cash would you take it?
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That was fun ~! Thanks for the opportunity and as many others, I wish you a joyous and healthy year :3 
(As well as anyone reading this)
Congratulations to all the winners, too !
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Whoa! Thank you so much for the subscription! I logged in just this morning and was searching through my messages to find out who gifted me the core. :hug:

Thank you again, Qinni - I hope that you have a happy and healthy New Year. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful art, as always! I love your drawing style and sense of imagination with vibrant colors. Your work is always a pleasure to look at. Here's to another year of awesome art!

Now ... I am off learn these fancy new profile features. :)
Qinni's avatar
no prob :D~ i think no ads itself is a great feature hahahahaha~ and thank you lots xD~
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Congratulations :3
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Congrats to the winners! Happy New Year!! Enjoying the Fireworks - NaNoEmo Day 7 Caramel dansen emote Enjoying the Fireworks - NaNoEmo Day 7 
Sophia-Eowyn's avatar
Congratulations to the winners!! :la: I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New year!! :dummy:
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Just like to congratulate all the winners here, you guys deserves the win :D

Also, I like to mentioned here that I'm just blown away by your artworks so much so, that I mentioned them in another deviant's journal as art that moves me. :)

I have become a fan of your artistic style and I'll always watch you with/without the points or even if you go on a long hiatus. This is a very nice gesture that you are doing for your watchers and I'm quite amazed by your generosity, have a pleasant day and may the year 2017 be the best one for you yet!
Cheers :D
Rumii-Arts's avatar
Homg its the first time I actually won something QvQ Thankyouu♡♡
Qinni's avatar
haha np :3~
mcgs's avatar
Congrats to the winners :D
Firescribe's avatar
Congrats to the winners >v<
Erin091's avatar
Qinni :3
I've been watching your artworks and it really was awesome :'3
and I didn't know you like MysMes :'>
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I just moved accounts to this one from AzeriaHaiiro, should I refavorite the journal on this account or would you rather me just sit tight and see if I win and if I do you can give it to this one instead of my old account?
Qinni's avatar
just make sure you favourite with whichever account you want me to give you on. So if you faved the journal with the other account you no longer want, make sure to un-fav the journal, that's all :3
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mMM not really sumthing specific but i got closer to a lot of people on dA this year :iconheblushplz:
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I finished my second to last semester in college. Next semester is my final and I get to graduate :'D
Crystillia's avatar
Getting into k-dramas this year!!
HeavenlyMemories's avatar
Made it through my first quarter of college (: 
Shi-Yin's avatar
I guess improving in my art is a positive thing? XD
Absolaaron's avatar
Something positive is a bit hard .....but still 
happy new year and  I hope that everyone art will improve
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