Deviousness Award~!

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Uwahh, thank you for the deviousness award! now i feel like a super senior! hahaha i'm kidding XD~

yay~! :D 

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Congratulations, Qinni! You surely deserve it!
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Congratulations! You absolutely deserve it. :) 
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Frog Emoji-58 (Yay) [V3] Giggle Belated Congratulations!!
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I've voted for u :'3
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Congrats. It's well deserved. =^.^=
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Congratulations <3
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Congratulations! <3
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Congratulations!! You definitely deserved it :D
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Congrats! You deserve it!! :D
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what is that?
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Congrats Qinni! Totally deserve this :) 
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Congrats ^^ this looks awesome. :D
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Congrats! Your work is fantastic :)
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CongratulationsLove !!!
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Congrats to you!  Well deserved.

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it is super well deserved <3
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Congratulations on the Deviousness Award!!  Luffy Anime Emoji (Big grin) [V3] :heart:  
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Congrats! it was only a matter of time:)
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Congratulations!!! :)
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wahh congrats!
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We got ourselves here the real DeviantWar Hero.
Congrats Gramps (or Grandma)!
Thank YOU for sharing your experience with the rookies
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