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Hey guys~ Wow, long time no see... I wish I had really good news and life is awesome, but my luck hasn't really been great haha...

So...I have stage 4 Fibrosis Sarcoma cancer.....Doctor says I have about a year, year and a half left, so.. ...I'm not really sure what to say tbh. I've been cracking jokes on twitter but, well, tbh I'm pretty stressed haha... though, I'm already pretty nihilistic so I really just need to get over my mortality haha...easier said than done tho xD. Uhh....well, I guess I don't have to worry about recycling anymore, my emission's about to get cut real short lmao. Still gotta crack jokes or it's just sad man lol

that's all I have to say right now. I appreciate all the support on twitter and people becoming my patron is just so sweet, thank you guys so much. I apologize my condition might only get worse before it gets better though, I still have a lot of pain problems right now actually...i think that's the worst part of this though, is the pain. god. I'm so tired.

ps. I don't JUST have cancer, I ALSO have a severe heart condition and I'm on a LOT of heart medication which I need to live, so please refrain from making medical advice unless you're an oncologist, cardiologist, or both. Honestly. Please please.

pps. I don't know how much I will use deviantart from now on. I just keep forgetting, sorry @__@;; Probably more than usual now. I'll be a little more active on patreon and twitter mostly, though insta too probably.

thanks for still following me on deviantart. I'm kinda surprised there are still peeps here on my page hahaha...

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I recently got a sliver of motivation into doing digital art again, and I miss you, your works, the message and stories in every piece that you make... I will be thinking of you and you're one of my inspirations to continue doing digital art.

I'm new to art, but when I saw your painting yesterday of the girl in headphones whose tears turn into notes in the wind it stopped me- looking at it just woke up some emotions I haven't felt in a while. Finding out now that you've passed... I just wanted to say thank you. Your art reached me and I won't forget it ♥️

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I hope your spirit is resting well, we all love you and pray for your well being. May you forever rest in peace and remain in all our hearts as one of the best artist out there, We all love you Qinni Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1]

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Miss you everyday, Qinni. Hope your spirit is resting peacefully...

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So hard to believe it's been 1 year since she's been gone. I've looked up to her for a while...and it's just so hard! RIP Angel! Rest in Peace Stoned

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I know you have passed, but I will watch you Netherless. You are loved, rest in peace.:cries:

Not a day goes by where I don’t think of you. Everyday I find myself looking at your art and it hurts me so much that you had to leave us so soon against your will. So many people love you and will remember you, you were a talented beautiful soul, we all love you and miss you everyday. You are such an inspiration, and I feel so bad that I didn’t know you before your passing, you are so beauriful, so kind, so talented and so so so loved. Thank you for being a part of my life and many others. You did well. Sleep well angel. You will never be forgotten.

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I just learned about Qinni's death today, even though I've been following her here on DA for years. I'm grateful for all the inspiration and emotions I got from her art and I really hope her loved ones can find some comfort in her wonderful work, since they had to loose her so tragically <3

Rest in peace Qinni, I'll light a candle for you today.

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stupid cancer takes so many good innocient lives like qinni hopefully somone discovers a way to kill cancer! rest in peace qinni

IcyLapis's avatar

I wish I've known about you sooner.. Rest well, Quinni

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It's kinda sad that I had only known about your art just now. It is really great and I wish I could have seen all your amazing works sooner... may you rest in peace and have a good one

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You inspire a lot of people ... I got to know your work a short time ago, it was your arts that motivated me to study and try to learn more about illustration. I want you to improve Qin, you need to improve. Strength and faith!

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Sadly I just learned today, that she passed in February https://mymodernmet.com/qinni-tribute-art/

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Still thinking about you. You touched so many people's lives. Your artwork really spoke to so many.

A-Girl-Named-Chester's avatar

Still missing you and thinking of you, Qinni. Hope wherever you are, it's nice. <3

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you are one of the sweetest kindest most helpful People ive met on the web. It’s been a little over a year and we miss you so much.

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I miss you ❤️

Rest in Peace

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Qinni, two years ago I posted a comment on your youtube channel about how you inspired me to start painting again, and how seeing your work got me inspired to expand my techniques. In the past two years, I've expanded from watercolor, to oil paints, and recently digital art. I wish you were still here and were able to overcome your health conditions.

You're an inspiration to many even after you passed, including me. I hope you're still painting, wherever you are.

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rest in peace. I cant belive its already a year. We miss you, i hope you have it great in heaven <3

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We'll never forget about you:heart:

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I miss you Qinni :star:

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I miss her too. I’m certain we all do. :heart:

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R.I.P. angel.... you are one true legend... 💫💜
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I will keep painting the stars for you... Rest in peace artist soul....
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