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May 3, 2014
Within the Forest by Qinni is a beautiful piece; the stark contrast between the red cloak and the forest is certainly striking, and you can't help but draw a connection to Little Red Riding Hood.
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Within the Forest


Some landscape painting, done all in photoshop 

My other work:

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Ps: to the peeps that noted me, I'm so sorry, I have over 130+ notes atm and it kind of scares me but i swear to god i will get to it someday "orz
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gordhanx's avatar
Oooh, great job. Looks very fantastic, and yet rather haunting. The coloring and shading really sell the picture, and the imagery is really great.
baynye's avatar
I saw this artwork on a facebook page, The Best of Deviantart, and it inspired me in that instant to write a story based around a forest guardian, and her trusty companion.
I ended up never remembering what this picture was called, or who it was by, then I just proceeded to spend the last hour and a half searching for it. 
I love it so so so much.
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John-Martin's avatar
You have the gift (and skills of course) to create really powerful artwork. That is a strong, inspiring picture.
GrimtalesRachel's avatar
Wooaah *-*
Reminds me of RWBY ^^
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xScaryKidx's avatar
This needs a 1920x1080 variant :/
Qinni's avatar
my art's been stolen, printed and sold too many times for me to keep providing high resolution pictures, unless you want an ugly-ass signature across the picture. 
xScaryKidx's avatar
Ah. That's unfortunate :/ Sad to hear that.
Qinni's avatar
yup, it's unfortunate that some people can't be trusted xD;;
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JadeiteART's avatar
I love this! The drop of red of her cloak and the wolf's eye against the monocromatic tone of the rest of the image is very eyecatching. Great work!
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ArcticIceWolf's avatar
Honestly I´m usually not a big fan of the Red Riding Hood story, because when I was small it horrified me- but not because of the wolf (like many people would expect), it was because of the hunter who cutting the wolf open alive- even at that young age I started to be an animal lover....
But this picture is an exception- I love it because it looks like the wolf is Red´s guardian instead of her enemy!
Anatsu-phobia's avatar
yes yes yes that's why i love this piece so much too; the child and the wolf seem to be friends T^T
Peaceful-Child's avatar
Beautiful! Congrats on the DD!
Kina-Rain's avatar
This is truly lovely! And soon to be my new desktop picture. Thank you for sharing it with DA ^^
silvershadow090's avatar
Very amazing love the color.
Kenilem's avatar
wytherwing's avatar
outstanding artwork and a well-deserved DD! :thumbsup: :+fav:
carmencaracol's avatar
This has been in my favs for a while, I'm so happy it got a DD! Well deserved, congrats!
fanoren's avatar
I can't be the only one who thought "RWBY" when I first saw this.  It looks a lot like the red trailer
BeIIPaws's avatar
Believe me, you are not the only one XD
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