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Watercolour Guide/Tips

More tips:

  1. The closest I could find on Amazon to the watercolour set I use is the Sakura brand of Koi Assorted WaterColours Field Set.

  2. Just use any old toothbrush. I used to use the ones that my dentist would give me after a visit, just because those were kind of cheap and I wouldn’t actually use them anyways.

  3. I use acrylic for flicking and highlights because watercolour-whites tend to fade when they dry.

  4. Also, remember to keep your hands clean, because nothing’s worse than smudging graphite into your watercolours and then unable to get it out.

  5. Try to avoid black and white when possible. They tend to dull the colours and it loses that watercolouring lustre.

  6. There are other things you can do to make certain effects, such as scratching whites on the paper (if you have thick paper), using salt when it's still wet (makes a certain pattern), and more. I am not personally too familiar with them as I want to get the hang of wet-on-wet technique before anything else.

Since I started watercolouring again for my daily sketches, I’ve gotten a lot of asks/dA notes on if I could give a tutorial on watercolouring and also more specific questions that overlapped each other, so I decided to do a semi guide/tips/answering thing.

I actually started watercolouring before I went into digital medium, so I have a bit of personal experience, but I am essentially self-taught when it comes to watercolouring since there weren't a lot of watercolour tutorials online back then to begin with, so I cannot promise that these are the absolute correct way of doing things.

Hope it helps anyways :). If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm posting this via dA's scheduled postings atm though, so I won't be able to reply until later :D.

My other Tutorials. | My Tumblr

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how u make ur drawings glow? is it any kind of paint?
DarknessOnly13's avatar
this is so helpful, thanks for sharing ;;
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Good about who have no scanner and using PS for more light and more visible your works :').

Great tutorial, anyway!
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I would recommend getting a decent scanner, for archival purposes is very good to have the 300dpi version of your draws.
Photos not only lose colors but also sharpness and textures. That way you can print with proper definition the final works if needed too.
Qinni's avatar
ah, the problem is decent scanners are big and hard to carry around. I live all the way across the country from my home right now for work, and when I did this tut, I was studying in China xD;. I might invest in one if I ever become...more serious about traditional work? but for now my major work is still digital (well....mostly, lol. i have less time for digital work rn cause of work), so not yet. thanks though xD;. maybe someday :3
Where do you work?
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This is amazingly helpful - thank you so much!! How exactly do you avoid getting white paint on the parts you don't want splattered (like The Doctor and Idris in that piece)?
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Whhaaa!~~ You're so awesome I'll follow you now~~
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Thank you so much for this tutorial! I'm hoping to experiment with techniques like these sometime in the near future! :D
FateZerofangirl's avatar
Thank you so much!This tutorial really helped me out!:) Can someone please help me?I really want to buy this watercolor paper but I don't know if they have one in the Philippines. :/
Haru-Akira's avatar
Thank you so much! Gonna try out the toothbrush trick :D
Medical-Shenanigans's avatar
I've been wanting to get into watercoloring so these tips are exceedingly helpful
thank you so much ;w;
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Thank you so much for all your helpful posts; they truly are inspiring! :icongrin--plz:
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this is an awesome tutorial, makes me want to paint!
aevrynn's avatar
I suck at painting almost anything... so thanks for posting this.
Bella-Anima's avatar
This is so fantastically helpful!!! I have learned so much from this, thank you for posting this, I will be putting these ideas into practice next time I pick up a brush! Thank you a million times! :D
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You're art is amazing and your tutorials do all aspiring artists a great service.  Thank you!!  As a matter of fact; I found your Daenerys walk through very informative and am actually taking an older piece and reworking it with your final rendering tips.
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Awesome! :la: 
Thank you so much for putting this together :D
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um for your doctor who drawing (Atleast i hope it's doctor who, but the one you cut out) did your paper buckle when you painted on it? 
Qinni's avatar
all my paper buckle, even just a little bit! however, the thicker your paper is, the less they buckle. relatively, the less water you use on it will have similar effects. The only way to have paper not buckle is to prime it first....i think it's called priming? well, basically you wet the whole layer of paper, wait for it to soak a little , and tape it onto a hardly piece of drawing board that's not too thin because thin drawing boards might bend/buckle because the pull of the paper will be too great when it dries (the paper expands when it's wet, which is why it buckles when we paint. If you pre-soak it before painting, tape it down, and let it shrink and stretch as it dries on a solid piece of wood, it will not buckle when wet again :)). It's a bit of work though, but it feels fabulous xD. it might also take a few.....quite a few tries to get this down properly, honestly v_v;;. they should sell these tape that are only sticky when wet though....i think it uses rosin or some kind of sap? sorry, my information's not complete because i get a lot of my supplies in China and have no idea what they're called in english >_<;;. anyways, those tapes are the best, because what people usually do is they cut out their work after they're done, and for the paper that's stuck on the board, you can just rinse or soak in water, and it should come off after a good soaking :). but like i said, it's a little time cosuming and messy though. 

...this is the tl:dr video:

it's on how to stretch watercolor paper xD;; sorry, i only found it after i rambled >.>;;
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Thanks for sharing this tutorial.
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Oh thank you for it!!
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omg i use this set of water colours too :)
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