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Wow,'s been years. Well, uhh, i can't say I'm really back per se. I haven't really been posting on other social medias either tbh (though instead of 2 years it's just been 2 months), but it's been so long and apparently I'm still getting activity notifications here....i'm not even sure how many of my watchers are still here though xDD;

It's been soooo long that I forgot my username here's not Qinniart but just Qinni. LOLLLL 

Well, for those of peeps not kept up and who might be curious, I kinda had a few heart surgeries (4 so far in total), and I'm kinda on a lot of heart meds which is ruining me a little bit xD. my energy is pretty much in the negatives and yeah, not fun. My heart is still kinda diseased and has the same problem, so I'm taking a lot of stuff to try and combat it....? xD It's a long story.

Sorry I abandoned this place lol. There was a few reasons, one of which was that I was pretty put off by some dude telling me to show him my heart surgery scar. I pretty much noped out of this whole place LOL. Also the fetish stuff on this site kinda...well, it's not my cup of tea. Sorry. No kink shame, but I just didn't wanna see it haha...not sure if it's grown or not, i'm too afraid of stepping onto the front page now x__x;;. 

The new UI looks cool though~~ Maybe I'll upload my cover photo up on my gallery if I'm not too lazy. xD
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Oh is the lady who drew this dead? How sad. 😭

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Yeah she is, she died a few months ago at least
RichardsRamblings's avatar

Always made amazing drawings R.I.P.

AcidifyArt's avatar

Rest in peace...

GamerArtisan's avatar
Rest in peace. God bless.
cactvss's avatar

Rest In peace, Qinni. You've left the art community a better place ❤️

vexillarii's avatar
rest easy, qinni 💖 thank you so much for the beautiful gift of art you gave this world
D3VN1's avatar
Although you have already passed, if you can still read this, in response to your description I can totally get where you're coming from. Yet the site's name kinda is asking for it. Anyways I love this piece, its so well expressed and just so errily real to what you probably felt and went through. beautiful illustration as always. RIP. 
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Bless your soul, girl.
Squizzly's avatar
Rest in peace my dear, your art has inspired millions and will continue to inspire others for years to come 💞
Ilumstrei's avatar

Rest in peace Qinni, I wish I had better timing on finding your art work. May your art legacy live on.

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rabidmomento's avatar
sadly the artist who did this just passed away from cancer
1BeneDict's avatar
That's so sad :cries: :heart:

Rest in peace...

MiLosArtworks's avatar
I hope you don't have to suffer anymore. May you rest in peace, Qinni. Your art and your humor has always inspired me. Gone too soon... 💔
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LittleKunai's avatar

Oh dear! That sounds scary to go through. Wishing you a strong recovery

Haynu's avatar
She sadly passed away.
Blood-Ogre's avatar

She died today unfortunately:(

Manchines's avatar
I can't believe how speechless your art Leaves me
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