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The best companion

So this is still my painting girl. I imagined her painting herself a big dragon hahaha.

Scales takes unbelievably long... never again D:<

...okay, maybe again lol; when i was drawing this it suddenly reminded me of spirited away so i might do some fanart 8D;;

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watch mah film please +__+

My other works:

thank youuu :D
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Fly with the dragons
Swim with the mermaids
Shine with the stars
Big Yellow Heart 
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One of her beautiful pieces.

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Is he hot? I wouldn't touch him.
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Beautiful! Love the lighting and the bright colors of the dragon and the girl! Definite fave :3
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This is beautyfull! The full picture radiates kind, warm feeling :)
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Epic AND astounding!! :jawdrop: Incredibly amazing detail! 5 stars!
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i like the changes you made on her design
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nice nice :)
still i prefer thinking that dragons are rather huuuuge, this one is cute :)
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Ooh beautiful..I recommend Matt Khor videos,… or you can check out the whole series. You will learn to paint scales in matter of minutes. Check through his archive, really helpful.
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I usually do not like chinese dragon, but this remarkable and beautiful. :)
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Wow. Amazing dragon and lovely details... Have you ever thought of drawing a more drake sort of dragon? Not that there's anything wrong with the... uh... more eastern type, they're beautiful, I'd just like to see how it would look like. ^^
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Heck yeah dragons are the best companion! :la:
And the girl is sitting in a dangerous spot! o: Don't fall!
This is AMAZING!!! Please add this to your fish film or make one with this. I know it is a lot of work and takes a lot of time but it will be worth it!
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:rose:It's cool to see that you expanded on the original concept. And I love that you made her older (I'm just assuming that, hair doesn't grow like that overnight Giggle). I love the detail on the dragon compared to the simplicity of the fish. It really shows her growth as an artist.:rose:
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seriously, how could anyone want a cooler friend than a dragon
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sweetness! I love this so much! Gah wow those scales really look amazing!
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Lovely artwork :heart: Imma fave it now I just have to it's way too amazing :D
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Epic and I tried to do scales but how do u get them so good?!
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This is really cool! I wish I had a pet dragon...
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That's gorgeous! Wow!
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