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The Avatars

Edit: I knew people couldn't be trusted, but i tried anyways. Now I'm seeing this being sold as posters and posted in so many freaking places. Sorry guys, sizing it down :/

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Individual drawings:

Avatar Korra by Qinni Avatar Aang by Qinni Avatar Roku by Qinni Avatar Kyoshi by Qinni  

some peeps asked me for a wallpaper version, and I've wanted to put this together for a while now, so here it is :)

edit: lined them up so the eyes matched. also uploaded a bigger version :)
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i like avatars, i like this picture, and i should be happy and enjoy this picture .. but after seeing the latest comments, i did a little searching and i found that qinni has passed away because of cancer. imagining how hard she has been fighting her cancer for the past years makes me cry. have a good rest in peace qinni. thank you for sharing your masterpiece with us.

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Still sad that Qinni isn't with us anymore. I saw this artwork years ago and loved it even tho I didn't remember much from what I had seen on my childhood. I've recently rewatched ATLA and this piece has come back to me with greater meaning and newfound beauty.

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I loved to watch this show! you did a great job!Maria Emote 
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looks amazing! i love the coloration and texture!

sucks balls that people are so bold to just make profit from other's art <.<
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Ugh. That really sucks that people are trying to profiteer off your amazing work
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How'd I just see this now o-o looooooveee it
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my nostalgia goes up the roof
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This is stunning!!!!
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Is there anywhere I can buy this as a canvas print?
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Never saw the Legend of Korra but looked interesting.
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I absolutely adore it! It almost makes me want to rewatch the series for a 12th time!
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I'm sorry your art got stolen.
It is quite gorgeous. ^_^
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Sorry to hear that you got done - now I know why some f/ks want a "poster" version.

BTW excellent work :) Ang looks superb :D
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