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By Qinni
A quick painting playing with colours during my lunchbreak that sort of bled into the night. Haven’t touched personal digital stuff for a while.

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It's absolutely beautiful, I see a white Hair maiden who's heart has been broken due to the fact the one she loves is forever no more, a said but beautiful painting that shows so much life.

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The color scheme I cant-

this is too beautiful

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I really like coloring ^ↀᴥↀ^

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Great color contrasts!

A quick painting! pretty dam good work i say.

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Very powerful use of composition and contrast... Sweet paintwork.
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perfect color combination!
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love the colours
TsukikoUme's avatar mesmerizing. 😳
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Gorgeous...! I'm always amazed by your color palettes. 
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Oh, beautiful colors... 

So elegant and sad. 
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OK, someone help me please :D When I scroll this page, the red colours become very dark (flickering), until I stop scrolling, then they are back to normal. Is this just me (I know I have a red/green color deficiency), my browser or does that effect show for you too? :D Just curious. :D

I love the painting :)
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No it happened to me too, I thought it was because I just woke up and my eyes weren't fully "awake" yet
Sillageuse's avatar
But you don't have that color deficiency, right? :D
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Loving the color contrast! Would be fun to see some traditional work like this.
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Really cool! The blur on the bottom is a nice touch! :D
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