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Starred Freckles


“Her face was like the night sky…you could almost trace out the constellations with her star-like freckles…”

Edit: sorry, i forgot I had comments disabled as a default xD

12 minutes HD version

1 minute condensed process video. I know you guys don't like it as much, but I hope you guys don't mind xD. Happy birthday to meeee XD. Also I hit 200k followers on instagram so that's pretty crazy XD;;.

Instagram | Tumblr | FaceBook | Youtube 

Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook | 
Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache |
Holbein Acryla Gouache |
Toothbrush to flick on white paint with. I buy my brushes at local art stores. 

Music: Chopin - Cantabile in Bb, Op.84, public domain usage, from

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Absolutely beautiful. I hope your resting well, with the stars.

RolandBoyce's avatar
That is so cool!
Koester0828's avatar

Love this... So pretty and relaxing to watch

Lillendandie's avatar

Thank you Qinni. I never got a chance to tell you but your YT channel inspired me to make my own watercolor kit. ♥

Torisaru's avatar

Beautiful arts from a beautiful personality.

Thank you to gave us so much Qinni!

Rest In Piece.

LavleyArt's avatar
it is so surreal to know that we see Qinni in this video while she has actually passed away.

RIP my art idol
Saiyuki-chan's avatar
That is amazing. Love how after placing all those layers it turns out like this. Gouache is also fun to work with. Love it.
TheLittleMilky's avatar

Your work is awesome *___* I could watch this all over again <3

weepsuu's avatar
Di Molto  .... This is beauty
fadeddana's avatar
This Is So Beautiful And Cute
RolandBoyce's avatar
So cool to watch you work , amazing watercolors , she is beautiful!
deidara1444's avatar
Your arts are beautyfull ^^
EvyLeeArt's avatar
Your work was inspired to make this art
ThanksBunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3] Bunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3] Bunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3] 
Briekt Galaxy by EvyLeeArt
Nerdy-pixel-girl's avatar…

This makeup artist copied you and claimed credit, IDK if it's their actual Insta or not, but a lot of people copy this image, most don't credit you.
SunnySideUpSmile's avatar
I love this. :) The colors work well together and the idea of constellations for freckles is amazing. ^_^
GyraFlight's avatar
I'd say those constellations do make her freckles more clear and beautiful!
Shaggimurder's avatar
Hey just letting you know, if you didn't see, TiffyQuake on youtube recreated this art work on her face as a dedication to you :D…
I'm obsessed with this piece. Is there anywhere I can buy a print of it?
YardnE's avatar
incredible... O.O
GANJONGA's avatar
Samy-Consu's avatar
very beautiful your style
Wuyiyi's avatar
(It's so beautiful~!)
Lovlylily33's avatar
Hey! Great drawing!
And also, how do you upload films onto DA?
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