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Skull and Pelvis Study

anatomy lesson one: Studies of the Skull and Pelvis.
(dA should have an anatomy section for the catagories D: . no idea where to put this v_v~)

seriously kids, you should know this stuff xD; especially the pelvis -_-;~ i'm still having trouble placing the protruding bone of pelvis in life-drawing sometimes...D:

anyways, for life-drawing class. no idea what mark i'd get, but bahh, i hate getting marks D:~~

took around three hours to draw each study/view with 2B, 4B and 6B graphite pencils. i actually did the vertabrates and scapula views too, but...uh...i don't like them as much as i do this, since they only took 30min per views xDD;;;

study your bone structures when drawing humans, kids~! xDD lol, something i should say to myself ;_;~~..... lol, still have lots of homework, but currently procrastinating D:~~ to hell with perspective homeworkkk!!! x_x;;

ps. yes, you can use this as a reference lol~~ this is why i put this in that section <3~~ use it to your heart's content <3~~

Edit: whoot, i got a good mark on this <3 xD
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Anoyingly complex yet necessary stuff to learn. Respect
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you can study my pelvis any time.

hah, j/k, great work!
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Thanks for the info, I'm not the greatest of artist but I'd like to become better, so maybe I should study the bone structure more, I've always heard that but I never really understood why it was so important. I'll give it a try though! Thanks!
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Thanks...awesome studies :-) 
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great work. I'm struggling trying to represent the bulge and crest of the pelvis this should help immensely as it shows the planes and 3 dimensional aspect so well. Thanks for allowing referance.
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wow! amazing detail! i love it! gosh! your artwork is so bloody beautiful like leornado da vinci!!Run Away Run Away 
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amazing looks like something out of a science textbook! :D
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You are overwhelmingly good at this. These are beautiful. I would love to see more studies like these.
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Wow alot of work gone into this, I'm afraid you can barely see them in my manipulation but they are there. Thank you

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Thanks this is an awesome guide!
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can i use this in a photomanip?
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These drawings are of a very high standard - great work!
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Great knowledges, what's the secret?
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I found someone post it on weibo...
Qinni's avatar
really? can you link me please?
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谢谢; 你知道一般跟这种人说话, 他们会理我吗?
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lolz, im self taught and i'm currently forcing myself to draw these types of things and compare them to the reference = 7=
these help out a lot~ ^^
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these are amazing!
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These are so wonderfully rendered, wow....! So excellent, A+. ;D
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