Scattering Stars
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Princess Serenity holding stars in her dress :D

Sailor Moon's probably one of the first anime/manga to get me started drawing; i'm actually surprised I haven't done fanart of it until recently hahaha; well, other than my sailor moon buttons o.o~ can't wait for the re-drawn anime >_<~!
One of my older daily sketches. maybe i'll do a flash-file combo of all the drawings once the 90 days are over :)

sorry everything's traditional these days "orz
also, I mostly upload on my tumblr these days ^^;~ sorry about that guys >_<;;~ thanks for the support here though ;A;~

My other stuff:
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marvelmakesstuff|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw so cute
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timmydoylethe3rd's avatar
That is cool! :)
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Missmega07|Hobbyist Artist
I love sailor moon! amazing job!!
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SuperGirlyGirls's avatar
SuperGirlyGirls|Student General Artist
Nice I love it!
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Very well done work!
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Da-Awesome's avatar
Da-Awesome|Student Artist
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KageTheChaosUzu's avatar
so beautiful :D
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kelysii|Professional Digital Artist
Absolutely stunning! Great work Qinni! <3 <3 <3
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Who is that?
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moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
Too bad the new anime's not so good. :(
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gracethebean's avatar
im dead its fricking amazing
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IshidaRyunoske's avatar
IshidaRyunoske|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awwwww! So pretty!
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carlos-salva-art's avatar
carlos-salva-art|Professional Digital Artist
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  this is gorgeous.
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I love this <3
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DrPlutonium007|Hobbyist General Artist
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Meztli72|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How beautiful!!! ^^
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SomethingBetterThan|Student General Artist
Sailor Moon was my first anime I ever watched/read, I have all 12 mangas!! :3
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Wasserwaldnymphe|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the stars falling from her dress.
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AnimeCuteCake's avatar
AnimeCuteCake|Hobbyist General Artist
aah the coloring in this picture is so pretty i love how dramatic (does that make sense?) the color difference between the blue and the yellow is >v<
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emmeranniel's avatar
emmeranniel|Hobbyist General Artist
For sure it's a pretty painting. But her legs looks unproportional and a bit large comparing to the rest of the body.
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ScarabsCorner's avatar
ScarabsCorner|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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SayakaSae|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Your art is really beautiful!
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SweetPotatoCake's avatar
Beautiful, good job!
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