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December 7, 2012
Night Light - short film by *Qinni is a beautifully animated piece of work that I found a while back. It flows beautifully and was an absolute delight to watch once again!
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Night Light - short film


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You can find this on Vimeo here

Try to view it as 720p? :D thanks guys~ For the biggest resolution, i could only upload it onto vimeo (dA had trouble converting my big resolutioned file)


So here it is xD;; my final year thesis. I hope you guys will like it :).

Music composed by Paul Levasseur for this film.
You can find Paul's bio here:…

i'm really nervous about uploading it here Dx don't judge me too harshly~~ Hope you guys like it >A<

If you want to download this, note me privately and i will send you a link to a private mediafire. I don't want this uploaded anywhere else by other people. Thanks :).

pps. The reason this was very short was because our school had a 1 minute cut-off limit this year for Industry Day, so we either had to cut our story into 1 minute anyways or we could just make a 1 minute film :3. That said, it still took me around 4-5 months of slaving away though "orz.

Here's something that might answer some of your questions regarding the process
Painting Fish - Step by step/tutorial by Qinni

my other works:
Nature by Qinni The best companion by Qinni A Mermaid's Wish by Qinni Painting Fish 2 by Qinni
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I sent you a star. : )

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Goodness, I still miss this artist so. May you rest in peace~

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A literal,breathing,living ART!

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No matter how many times I watch it, it’s still breathtaking.

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Beautiful. I am utterly wordless.

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this is amazing. . . . Qinni if ur watching from up there, just know that u are amazing and i hope I can draw and animate like u some day, its a shame that u had to pass but i hope ur in a better place now

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This was great.

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this is beutiful....

why, why,why, did she have to pass.....?

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I don't know. I just don't know.

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This is so lovely and beautiful. I'm so glad this wonderful woman made this.

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Omg this is just so good!

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Wow! I wish I had the time and talent (and, likely, the patience) to make animations of this quality. This is amazing. :D (Big Grin) 
So beautiful... Thinking of you on your birthday. 
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I LOVED THIS! I'm a sucker for those Chinese aesthetics and I think the premise of candle being used like a paint brush was super clever. Never would have thought of it!!! Your thesis is awesome, in my eyes at the very least. I hope to see more of your stuff some day.
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The artist passed away last week. :/

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wait, seriously? That is a great shame! If that is true then may they rest in peace. 
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Yeah. That's why her username was trending and probably why her stuff got recommended again.

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This was the first I'd seen of your work, and it always blows me away. Hearing that you've passed... I'm sure you'll be painting Lights in the Night wherever you've gone. Rest in peace, hon.

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This is amazing and I´ll always remember you with watching this again!

Rest in peace Qinni!

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Incredible work! :heart:
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