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some background practice. Never used the marker tool with that brush until now for the last one xD;~ Trying different stuff in SAI xD

some references used for the mountains.

my Tumblr


I hope you guys don't mind me pimping my design here:

Thanks so much if you like it enough to vote! :hug:

other artwork:

I'm not great at painting rocks/mountains, so critique away! :D
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Spectacular in my mind
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You're so good it's inspiring! xD Backgrounds are so hard for me to do because I like to be detailed and make scenes look as good and real as I can...but I'm still not that great at coloring yet so it's a little frustrating (n_n') But seeing your awesome work gives me more motivation to do better! x)
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You forgot to say that you referenced the trees too lol
Original photo: [link]
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i think you are pretty good at them ^-^ I couldn't get that far on them myself.
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nice one, I like it :)
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My word these are gorgeous!
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Awww so pretty! I especially love the colours used in the middle one. How do you decide what colours to use? And that work so well!
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This picture gave me the feeling of Mushishi. :D
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Soo beautiful<3 I really like the first one:D It's so....magical ^^
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U are such a great artist qinn.....
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The first painting kinda reminds me of the wisp trails in Brave - have you seen it?
And such pretty stuff you've come up with here :heart:
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Whoaaaa :O
I've tried my hand at nature... it's not easy XD amazing job! I love how the picture seems soft and subtle, but the image still stands out clearly ^^
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How long did each of these take you? >o<
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around 2-4 hours on and off the week :D/
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These are lovely! :)
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I love the top picture. The shadow following the lights though the dark trees of the forest and the snowy ground have a story just waiting to be told. :)
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Words aren't enough to describe your skill so..... :salute: :hug: :D :)
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Stunning as usual!
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