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May 15, 2012
Music can both break... by *Qinni - Suggester says: "It is both visually amazing and holds a lot of meaning."
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Music can both break...

"...and heal my heart"

Speed painting; Something I did a while ago. just practicing with a different colour style and facial structure. Need to practice more >A<;.

done in SAI

My Tumblr (I blog/reblog more than just my art though; I also reblog inspirations I find or photography I like :))

My other works:

click here for the version with the words on it xD;
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Very beautiful, great picture
AgostinoF's avatar
Katalley's avatar
Especially if its soundtrack from La La land

Very beautiful
Machu-Picchu95's avatar
How beautiful art. And yes, music is very powerful :clap:
sweetladyamy's avatar
Oh yeah, there are songs I've heard that definitely evoke tearful emotions...

Though on the inverse of the image's meaning, it's all good feeling tears (I'm odd like that).

Sad songs tend to rouse a muse, rather than make me cry...

Like, an example of a song that has evoked a lot of good feelings in me is Red Rubber Ball by Eggchair (it was recorded just for the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story).
Everlasting-River's avatar
I know you use SAI, but do you also use a tablet or something? If you do, what kind?
Animepanda001's avatar
This looks like Hyori from Noragami...xD it's beautiful though.
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Great drawing...
CynthiaRichards11hr's avatar
beautiful,,, emotive, I love this
mixedfiction's avatar
it drives me mad how the orange/brown tones are right next to the blue ones
KookLily's avatar

They're complimentary colors.

LisaBrugalossi's avatar
So beautiful - I am a huge fan.
easiertorunspyro's avatar
Looking at this while listening to this… gives me feels. Amazing work. Heart
planxtafroggie's avatar
Pretty, though she looks very sad. 😟
damnmynameistaken's avatar
Is it possible to buy this picture bigger than 12 x 18.... I want a art print or canvas. like a 24 x 36 possibly.. 
damnmynameistaken's avatar
er... This is only available as a 12 x 18? bummer.. I'd love to have it bigger. 
Eif-ka's avatar
It's amazing :D
Woo really beautiful :)
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This is amazing!
XxRockFiendxX's avatar
<3 when i see this person I feel like I could love her--good job =) pulled my heartstrings
pnscribbles's avatar
Not sure how much more practice you need lolz

I love it
AoiYoshikawa's avatar
this is absolutely stunning!!
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